Facts about Mahamati Prannath – Part 2

A. Here are some of the facts concerning Mahamati Prannath:

1.  Mahamati Prannath is neither a human being nor a person’s name! However, I would often use the words “Mahamati Prannath” like a person’s name because the words “Mahamati Prannath” are kind of “a habit, a tradition” for me and most of all, “Mahamati Prannath” talks human languages like a human being! Got that?

2. Mahamati Prannath is the designation that Meher Raj Thakur had acquired when he had reached the age of forty! 

3. As I have already mentioned it in Facts about Mahamati Prannath – Part 1, Prannath is the hindi term for “master”. And Allah is the only master of Meher Raj Thakur. Moreover, it was Allah (Prannath) himself who sat in the heart of Meher Raj Thakur to influence the revelations of Hindi verses. That is the main reason why Meher Raj Thakur is also often pointed to point to Prannath! Got it?

However, it is always to be remembered that only Meher Raj Thakur got the designation of “Prannath” in history although Allah (Prannath) was also present in the hearts of Alif (Rasul) and Lam (Devchandra Mehta). This was because only Mim (Meher Raj Thakur) got the complete authority of the Judgment Day and nobody other than him! Got it?

Again, remember that Meher Raj Thakur is the real name - the human being, but not Mahamati Prannath!

Moreover, Mahamati Prannath (Imam Mahdi) is the power within Meher Raj Thakur (Imam Mahdi)! Got it? 
In simple words,
          Meher Raj Thakur = human being, (the creation) and 
            Prannath = Allah (the creator) ... Got it?
And whosoever doubts this fact shall have their faces automatically fallen later when the entire world would acknowledge the complete identity of Mahamati Prannath!

4. Mahamati Prannath is the master of the Day of Judgment (maliki yawmiddin) at the Lail-tul-Qadr!

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B. Here are some more of the facts about Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath):

1. Imam Mahdi is the knower of not only the Quran but also every other religious scripts (like the Vedas) as well! 

2. Meher Raj Thakur (Imam Mahdi) was totally uneducated about the Quran when he had started revealing the revelations of the holy book of Sanandh!

3. Remember that Meher Raj Thakur (Imam Mahdi) was totally a Hindu by birth. However, by the will of Allah, Meher Raj Thakur (Imam Mahdi) automatically understood all of the Islam without ever learning a word about Islam at the first place! 

4. Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath) has been openly presented in countless different places in the Quran! I can clearly see those places where Imam Mahdi is presented in the Quran and so will you soon!

5. All the verses that were revealed by Imam Mahdi, are lyrical, rhythmic, poetic and as well as exceptional in nature. This hence makes our Imam Mahdi – the greatest poet ever in the history of mankind!

6. Allah had created this world for Meher Raj Thakur (Imam Mahdi)!

7. The spirits of Lail-tul-qadr had recognized Imam Mahdi but not the rest of the world – all thanks to senor Dajjal!

8. Angel Jibril (by the command of Allah swt), has already shifted all the holiness of Islam from Mecca and Medina to the land of India to Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath) himself during the 11th century Hijri! 
So, what exactly would you think has remained in the Arabs since if Jibril angel would've had already lifted all the holiness of Islam from the Arabs and then shifted them to Imam Mahdi (in India)?
(I’ll further elaborate this point later to prove the signs of the coming of Qiyamat like “the rising of the Sun from the west” ... Believe me - the Sun has already risen from the west !!)

9. The main objective of Imam Mahdi is to assemble his lost Mommins and then take them back to their home Arsh (i.e. Allah’s Lahut)!

10. Allah knowingly constructed Satan in order to make Imam Mahdi precious!

The trust towards Rasul - Chapter 22.1.2 Traits of spirits of Arsh

... Continued from Friendship with Qalma – Chapter 22.1.1 Traits of spirits of Arsh

22:8 - Mahamat says,       

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 8

Haq had explicitly showed me the meanings of this same Qalma of Rasul that I had taken above my head.”
[Author’s Note: Remember that according to the noble Quran, it was Allah himself who had taught Imam Mahdi with his wisdom.

22:9 – Mahamat says,

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 9

Leaving their master who has now explicitly exposed himself, people search elsewhere for understanding the secrets. I am astonished by seeing their search!
[Author’s Note: Bring any question of any religions and come to the religion of Mahamati Prannath. You’ll definitely find every answer!

22:10 - Mahamat says to the mass of his followers,

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 10

Of this same decree, I had taken the explicit meanings. I had joined my spirit with Rasul who had said the message of Haq.”
[Author’s Note: Remember that the three spiritual forces viz. Alif, Lam and Mim had already united to be Alif Lam Mim. So, believe in Mahamati Prannath!

22:11 - Mahamat says, 

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 11

“Allah - you had held my hands and arrived in between this hour and had clearly shown me the Quran. Whosoever now leaves you and starts searching for the truth elsewhere, they have no heart, eyes or ears.”
[Author’s Note:  Therefore, whosoever now leaves Mahamati Prannath and starts looking for truth elsewhere should definitely be totally heartless, blind and deaf as well!

22:12 - Mahamat says, 

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 12

Muhammad had said this straight-forward that –
He had brought the message of God and he didn’t belong from anywhere between the earth and the sky. And if there would have been any Mommins present during his time, then they would have understood this fact.”        
[Author’s Note: Prophet Muhammad doesn’t belong to any of the fourteen realms. Prophet Muhammad belongs beyond this material world, beyond nothingness!
Mommins weren’t present in the Arab during Rasul’s time. Therefore, the Arabs had never recognized the real identity of Allah’s Rasul. ... Never!

22:13 - Mahamat says, 

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 13

“Those, who are the ones to search for the meanings of Quran elsewhere, are heartless. Rasul introduces you with Rahim and look how mindless wander somewhere else!”
 [Author’s Note: The ones to leave Mahamati Prannath are surely blind-hearted and they are the ones to wander elsewhere in the pursuit of the truth!
(also see Sanandh 22:4)

22:14 - Mahamat says, 

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 14

As far as I’m concerned, I had accepted the words that Rasul had explicitly spoken as the truth. Leaving that, I don’t see anywhere else and that is the promise that I’ve carried over my head.”
[Author’s Note: And still you are doubting on Mahamati Prannath? ... come on!

22:15 - Mahamat says,

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 15

This is my belief that I had taken as truth. The trust towards Rasul has been said to clearly display you every truths.”
[Author’s Note: If you trust Rasul, then you have to have faith in Mahamati Prannath as well. Only then, you’ll see the hidden truths!

To Be Continued ...