Sanandh Chapter 21.2 Muslim’s living – Grasp the explicit meanings of the Quran

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Sanandh Chapter 21.2 Muslim’s living – Grasp the explicit meanings of the Quran

21:6 – Mahamati Prannath says to his Mommins,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 - Verse 6

At first, you forgot everything and I should speak truth to you. Decide with Quran (Noor of Allah) in your hands and you shall observe that everybody dissolved in deceit.”
[Author’s Note: Mommins forgot everything after they descended from Lahut to Nasut. Lahut  is the abode of Allah and the spirits while Nasut is the realm of Earth itself. Mommins engaged themselves into world totally and they even forgot their identity that they had descended from Lahut.
Before Mommins came into the feet of Mahamati Prannath Imam Mohammed Mahdi, they had totally dissolved into worldly activities forgetting their Allah. The Quran teaches us not to forget Allah and Islam by getting totally engaged into worldly activities that is only full of deceit. And that is the point of this particular verse. So my question to you out there - are you ignorantly dissolved in deceit?

21:7 - Mahamati continues,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 - Verse 7

“The Quran (decree) which is now in your hands says that Allah had mercily given the Quran to Rasul. And the Quran explicitly stated to you all to remember Allah and yet you forgot Allah.”
[Author’s Note: Before the Mommins came to the feet of Imam Mahdi, they used to not remember Allah.
A Mommin (the true believer) is the one who remembers Allah abundantly!

21:8 – Mahamati Prannath further says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 - Verse 8

“The Quran was revealed explicitly to you. Till this day, nobody understood the hidden meanings of Koran. Now I shall acquaint you with Quran’s good identity. “
[Author’s Note: Nobody in the world ever knew the true meanings of the Quran before the arrival of Isa Ruh Allah. Now, Imam Mahdi Mahamati Prannath himself is starting to reveal Quran’s good identity to the mass of his follower Mommins.

21:9 – Mahamati says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 - Verse 9

“I am not being showy on the outside for I am telling to you the good knowledge that acquaints you with your spiritual abode so that everybody may hold onto the feet of Imam.”
[Author’s Note: Keep in mind that Mahamati is revealing the inner of hidden meanings of the Quran. People in this world who know the Quran only know the explicit meanings but not the inner meanings.
The wisdom of Mahamati acquaints us all with the spiritual abode of Lahut, which in fact is the home of Mommins of Mahamati Prannath. The full details of “how Lahut is?” can be found in the other books of Mahamati Prannath but not in the book of Sanandh here. Remember that Sanandh is only one of the 14 books revealed by Mahamati Prannath that were later compiled and integrated to be termed as “Kuljam Swaroop (say it as cool-zum sow-roop) or कुलजम स्वरूप in the Devnagari script.”  It is just like saying that - Exodus is one of the 5 books of the holy Torah, okay?
I shall be revealing more about the “Kuljam Swaroop” later whenever I think is necessary.

21:10 – Mahamati Prannath says to his mass,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 - Verse 10

“The Rasul of Allah had previously revealed to you the teachings of Quran and despite of that, you were unable to grasp the explicit meanings of the Quran which now I’m about to say to you a little.”
[Author’s Note: With this passage, we now have officially entered the theme of this chapter 21of the book of Sanandh. From this point on, I hope that we all shall at least have a glance of the Quran from an entirely different logical perspective! Please wait for my next posts for more on that!

To be continued …

“All thanks to those who had finished reading my article. May God mercy all of us and provide us with the ability to comprehend more on the wisdom of Sanandh.”
-         Author Prayatna

Sanandh Chapter 21.1 Muslim's living - Unprecedented religion of Mahamati Prannath

CHAPTER 21: Name of the Chapter - "Sanandh - muslim's living"
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 21 - Title

This is the 21st chapter from the book of Sanandh. It contains 54 verses. As mentioned in the title, the chapter is about “the true lifestyle that a muslim would live or is supposed to live”. This chapter is simply about “muslim’s way of living”.

Here begins my first section of the 21st chapter of Sanandh-

21:1 – Mahamati Prannath says to his mass of Mommins,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 21 - Verse 1

Listen now Mommins. I am saying all of it about you before you had busted every barrier and came to the feet of Imam!”
[Author’s Note: Mommins are the followers of Mahamati Prannath and they are 12000 in number. Here, Mahamati is trying to say that he is enlightening the condition of his follower Mommins before they completely busted the barrier of every worldly relationship and came under his leadership.
Remember that the follower of Mahamati Prannath left everything they possessed and just submitted their entire life to Mahamati Prannath himself. To know this in full detail, you have to first get acquainted with the detailed biography of Mahamati Prannath. But you shall not need to know the full details as I, Prayatna shall be unveiling more and more about Sanandh and as well as Mahamati Prannath, Okay?

21:2 – Mahamati Prannath continues,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 21 - Verse 2

I want all of you Mommins to be with me. We and you are one entity. And I shall only be attaining bliss when Mohammed Mahdi shall be accompanying with his Mommins.”
 [Author’s Note: Before Mommins came into the religion of Mahamati, all they used to live was within the boundary of their families and their respective societies. Mommins were totally gone astray in the flavors of this materialistic earth. Therefore, Mahamati Prannath wants his Mommins to acknowledge their forgotten identities and join him. And remember that one of the primary tasks of Imam Mahdi according to the words of Hadiths was to assemble Mommins and that is exactly what has happened or let’s say – “is happening!”
Now, the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath says that Imam Mahdi and Mommins are one entity though they exist in several different bodies. What I mean to say is that the heart of Imam Mahdi and the Mommins are the same – i.e. the throne of Allah, never mind. 
The feelings of Mahamati Prannath are very intense. Sometimes you have to just try to feel it instead of just reading and ignoring it. Just feel it. Feel the energy of Mahamati Prannath.

21:3 - Mahamati Prannnath continues,

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 - Verse 3

“Now that Isa and Mahdi Mohammed had arrived, you Mommins, shall come to my feet. Then the initiation of an unprecedented ritual shall occur.”
[Author’s Note: Remember that the spirit of Isa Ruh Allah is also present inside the body of Meher Raj Thakur . Thus, Isa Ruh Allah and Imam Mahdi remained united inside one physical body of Meher Raj Thakur. And it’s hard to grasp this thing especially if you’re reading this post for the first time. So therefore, I sincerely request to the first timers to go through my previous posts serially where you shall find the basic information which would later be the foundation upon which my entire article will be deemed upon.
Now, moving onto the topic of discussion … Mahamati Prannath initiated the unprecented religion, the unpracticed custom, the unheard faith of Nijanand Sampradaya (say it as Nij-anan-da sam-pra-daya).  

Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 - Reality about Nijananda Sampradaya

This would also infer to us that Imam Mahdi has already established a new faith that is very soon going to be a New World Order. And trust me, it will.

21:4 - Mahamati Prannath further says,
“There shall here occur a massive gathering since the almighty judge himself had arrived and the good hour of whose arrival had been announced by the master himself. You Mommins, your fate is therefore huge.”
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 21 - Verse 4

[Author’s Note: I’m going to say it once again that Mahamati Prannath is Allah himself. He is the master of the Day of Judgment. And he is the judge of the final hour. And he had gathered a huge mass of thousands of Mummins during his time in the 17th century India, roughly 350 years earlier, let say. And you cannot deny history just because you haven’t seen Mahamati Prannath and his followers!
It is Mahamati Prannath who had declared the arrival of the final hour only among his followers. These people were indeed very fortunate to have been accompanied by the master of the Day of Judgment himself during that good hour.
May peace be upon them…

21:5 - Mahamati says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 21 - Verse 5

“I'm telling to you the nice path of the Muslims that Rasul showed mercifully to the Arabians. Therefore, listen to me with your hearts and don't miss any of my words otherwise you shall repent this wonderful prospect of knowing Islam.”
 [Author’s Note: And with this verse, you have just entered into the orbit of Mahamati Prannath. With the wisdom given by him, you can and will, eye Islam from a whole different dimension. So, are you ready for that?

To Be Continued …

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