What if Dajjal falls from its donkey?

Hello and welcome again to sanandhonline. This the third post on our series – Dajjal under Radar. For those who are new to this blog, I strongly recommend them to read this series chronologically from its introductory post. And again, as like in the previous post, let’s scan Dajjal.

Scanning … Dajjal will appear somewhere between Iraq and Syria. Dajjal will come out riding on a donkey whose hump will be sky touching and who will cover miles in a single stride.

Think again – Isn’t it an act of complete foolishness to look for Dajjal in the outside world (like somewhere between Iraq and Syria or anywhere)? … I mean, after all of the discussions that I have done in the previous posts of this series, are you still sure that Dajjal will arrive explicitly in the outer world? … I am not questioning anybody’s faith here but wouldn’t it be more rational if Dajjal be not thought as some dude riding some strange donkey? … I think that the core misconception regarding Dajjal is that many people think Dajjal as a real person. Many people still lack the inner eyes and they tend to search Dajjal in the outside world.  

Now, whilst you think about that, just think about this –
How exactly is Dajjal coming out riding on a donkey that will cover miles in a single stride and whose hump will be sky touching? … Anybody, please tell me!! Anybody?

On the other hand, if you think it rationally then Prophet Mohammed is also not insane about mentioning Dajjal. In fact, he is actually making a truthful, but a bitter and at the same time, a humorous satire by giving all of us the illustration of Dajjal. Just imagine it –
Is it really possible to sketch the perfect physical figure of Dajjal whose donkey’s hump is so unimaginably high?

And again, while you think about that, think on the following points rationally … I mean … if you think the following points rationally …
Then firstly, at the very starting point … Just think it…
How - gigantic - should - Dajjal - really - have to be - for it - to climb a donkey - whose hump - is sky touching high?
Secondly, think … what exactly would be the face of the world beneath Dajjal be if in case Dajjal should fall from its donkey? … ha ha … sounds quite funny … ahem … doesn’t it?

And by the way, keep the answers of those questions to yourself.

Now, I’m presenting to you the English translations of some of the Hindi verses from the holy book of revelations of Mahamati Prannath. Go through it carefully.

In Marfat Sagar, Verse 9:3, Mahamati Prannath says –

Marfat Sagar by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 9 Verse 3

“The donkey of Dajjal has been said as gigantic, as high as sky. Even the water of seven seas has been said to not reach up to its thigh.”

In the Verse 9:4, Mahamati Prannath reveals - 

Marfat Sagar by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 9 Verse 4

There is no any such gigantic donkey like that. Moreover, it is the nothingness that has been referred to as the donkey of Dajjal. And it is that same nothingness from which the entire world was created when Allah commanded the world tobe (kun faya kun).”  

In the Verse 9:5, Mahamati Prannath satirizes by rhetorically questioning –

Marfat Sagar by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 9 Verse 5

Or if not then how should Dajjal look like if it were to ride such a gigantic donkey? And in case that Dajjal should fall from its donkey, then in what condition would the world below it actually be at?”

Very much said about Dajjal … the reality is that Dajjal is a negative invisible force. Dajjal actually resides within the hearts and minds of every human in the form of high speed waves of never ending worldly desires.

So, if you think that you are a believer then don’t let your desires enslave your actual self. Never fall trap to false desires. Don’t let Dajjal ride you by sitting on you. Never ever let Dajjal make you his vehicle – donkey. Beware and always keep that knowledge in your mind and warn others as well.

90 degrees scanning completed…

See you again tomorrow. 
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  1. I applaud your lack of intelligence....Its a referral to an Aeroplane