Alif Lam Mim Unlocked !! Part I - The Introduction

Hello readers. My name is Prayatna and I’m the author of this blog. In this chapter, I’m going to begin to present to you the unprecedented meaning of Alif Lam Mim.
Alif Lam Mim appears in several different places of the noble Quran. Moreover, the Quran itself begins with Alif Lam Mim. But before revealing to you the meaning of Alif Lam Mim, I would like to remind you all that the understanding of Alif Lam Mim requires the basic understanding of the Quranic wisdom. 
Alif Lam Mim is interconnected with the following events or characters or topics that are specified in the Quran listed below:
1.     The night of Ascent or Shab-e-miraj.
2.      Jibril angel, the angel who accompanied Rasul of Allah.
3.     Israfil angel, the angel of the final hour.
4.     History of stories of prophets in the Quran.
5.     Iblis.
6.     Judgment Day or Qiyamaat.
7.     The creation of the world in six days.
8.     The night of honor or Lailtul-Qadr.
9.     Identity of Allah and his Mommin(s) 

Alif Lam Mim Relationship Diagram
Fig: Alif Lam Mim Relationship Diagram

As the marking of the arrival of the Judgment Day, Allah himself sat in the heart of Meher Raj Thakur to reveal the explanations of Alif Lam Mim. Yes, you read it right, its “explanations” not only “explanation”. Alif Lam Mim has several explanations. The only thing is that you have to integrate all of those explanations together to recognize true wisdom.
In this very chapter I have only presented you a brief introduction of Alif Lam Mim. There are going to be several other chapters concerning explanations of Alif Lam Mim.
Nevertheless, at the end of this chapter and as well as all the other upcoming chapters concerning Alif Lam Mim, I am going to prove to you all that Alif Lam Mim means Mahamati Prannath महामती प्राणनाथ !

Up until the arrival of wisdom of Mahamati Prannath, the world only knew of one Muhmammed, the great Muhammed, the Rasul of Allah himself. Now, here is the thing. -
“Not only is there one great Muhammed of Allah, there are two other great Muhammed(s) of Allah who were completely hidden by Allah’s will until the final hour!”
Unbelievable, isn’t it? But believe it!

In total, there are 3 face(s) of Muhammed of Allah. They are:
1.     Rasul Muhammed
2.     Isa Ruh Allah
3.     Imam Muhammed Mahdi
Ø The first face of Muhammed is Rasul who revealed the Quran.
Ø The second face of Muhammed is Isa Ruh Allah who brought the wisdom of Lahut of Allah.
Ø And the third face of Muhammed is Imam Muhammed Mahdi who brought down the revelations of the wisdom of Haqqiqat (knowledge that acquaints you with the hidden meanings of the Quran) and Marifaat (knowledge that acquaints you with the identity of Allah), of Islam.

Now I’m going to present to you the following chart that presents analogy of the basic introductions of Rasul Muhammed, Isa Ruh Allah and Imam Mahdi. Go through it attentively. 

Rasul Muhammed
Isa Ruh Allah
Imam Muhammed Mahdi
1. Year of Birth:
(In different year formats)
 570 AD
1638 Vikram Samvat = 1581 AD
(Vikram Samvat is a traditional Indian calendar system.)
1675 Vikram Samvat = 1618 AD
2. Total Lifespan in years
63 years
74 years 
76 years
3. Real Name
Muhammad Ibn `Abd Allāh Ibn `Abd al-Muttalib (Source - Internet)
Devchandra Mehta or
देवचन्द्र मेहता in Devanagari script
Meher Raj Thakur or मेहरराज ठाकूर in Devnagari Script
4. Birth Place
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
A village named Umarkot, Sindh of 17th century India which now lies in Pakistan.
Navatanpuri of Gujarat, India
5. At the age of forty
Quran started to reveal and the revelation continued for 23 years.
Allah sat in the heart of Devchandra Mehta to reveal the unprecedented wisdom of Allah’s identity. However, no revelations of any verses.
The spirit of Devchandra Mehta merged into Meher Raj Thakur to start the revelation of the verses that continued for 33 years.
6. Language of Revelation
Revelations in Arabic language.
No revelations of any verses.
Revelations in Hindi language.
7. Acting Angel
--- Nil ---
Israfil and Jibril

With that being mentioned, let me reveal what Alif Lam Mim is:

Alif Lam Mim consists of three different letters. Each letter i.e. Alif, Lam and Mim represent three distinct Muhammad(s) of Allah. Alif Lam Mim is therefore the name of 3 Muhammad(s) of Allah. They are:
Ø (The 1st letter) Alif is the name of Rasul Muhammed - the first Muhammed.
Ø (The 2nd letter) Lam is the name of Isa Ruh Allah, Devchandra Mehta - the second Muhammed.
Ø (The 3rd letter) Finally, Mim is the name of Imam Muhammed Mahdi, Meher Raj Thakur - the final Muhammed himself!
Keep in mind that each Muhammed of Allah had arrived in this world, with their specific task in hand.
1.     Firstly, Allah sent the Quran to Alif. So, the primary task of Alif was to bring the Quran, which he did.
2.     Secondly, Allah gave the wisdom of his identity to Lam. So, the primary task of Lam was to bring and spread the wisdom of Allah’s identity, which he did.
3.     And lastly, Allah gave his full authority to Mim so that Mim could do judgment on his behalf. Therefore, Mim did the judgment of the Judgment Day at the Judgment Day.

So, when Rasul Muhammed’s spirit and Isa Ruh Allah’s spirit merged with Meher Raj Thakur’s spirit, the spiritual forces combined to what became to be known as Alif Lam Mim.
Therefore, Alif + Lam + Mim = Mahamati Prannath

Now, let me redirect your attention for a moment to Sanandh Chapter 1.1 which begins with the identity of Muhammed. From the verses 1 to 5, it is very clear that Allah and Muhammed are not two.
Therefore, don’t ever say that Allah and Rasul Muhammed are two. Similarly, don’t ever say that Allah and Isa Ruh Allah are two. Likewise, don’t ever say that Allah and Imam Muhammed Mahdi are two.
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 1 Verse 1 to 5
Sanandh - Chapter 1 - Verses 1 to 5
And never forget the fact that Muhammed is special to Allah’s heart. Never forget the fact that Alif, Lam and Mim united at the hour of Judgment. And take this fact seriously if you are a Muslim of Islam!

This is it for now and in the upcoming posts concerning Alif Lam Mim, I’m going to talk more about Alif Lam Mim and its relationship with the 9 topics that I had listed at the beginning of this post.
(See the Alif Lam Mim Relationship Diagram picture)

To Be Continued ...

Both Devchandra Mehta and Meher Raj Thakur had arrived amongst the Hindus. That is the chief reason why the Muslims, Christians and the Jews were not able to recognize their master Mim.”
-         Prayatna, the author of this blog

Sanandh Chapter 21.5 Muslim’s living – The rank of Islam

… Continued from Sanandh Chapter 21.4 Muslim’s living – या दीन मुसलमान, Muslims of Islam – Part II

This is my 5th article on the 21st chapter of Sanandh that was revealed by a Hindu saint under the primary influence of Israfil angel and the secondary influence of Jibril angel. Furthermore, Allah himself sat in the heart of that saint and thus that saint whose birth name was “Meher Raj Thakur” became a super natural human at the age of forty. The supreme Lord sat in the heart of this super holy saint -Meher Raj Thakur and commanded the revelations i.e. Allah himself spoke via Meher Raj Thakur in Hindi verses. Thus, Meher Raj Thakur became the final prophet to speak God’s words of Judgment. And that is why Meher Raj Thakur is referred as Mahamati Prannath. And remember that Mahamati Prannath is neither a person nor a person’s name. Mahamati Prannath is the power that Meher Raj Thakur acquired when he reached the age of forty; the same age when the holy revelations started to reveal from him by Allah’s command.
Sanandh Chapter 21.5 Muslim’s living – The rank of Islam

21:34 – Mahamati Prannath continues,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 Verse 34

 “Everybody claims to be a Muslim. But none knows the Haqqiqat. Neither they know who Rasul and their master Allah are and nor are they aware of the falseness of this world.”
[Author’s Note: Remember that the Muslims of this world today are not exactly true Muslims. Not every Muslim in this world knows the Haqqiqat of the Quran. Haqqiqat of the Quran is revealed only by Mahamati Prannath.
The wisdom of Haqqiqat says that the world in which we are currently living in is not real. Our world is just a dream and therefore it’s false! (Please read my previous chapters for more clarifications.)

21:35 – Mahamati Prannath says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 Verse 35

Those who do their prayers just to show their devotion to the outside world however remain faithless from the inside; I warn you to not call them a Muslim but just a dream's character.”
[Author’s Note: One can easily deceive others by being showy from the outside. But master Allah knows everything that is in our hearts.

21:36 – Mahamati Prannath says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 Verse 36

Therefore, you are accepted as a Muslim only when you have reached this status”. Until you have done profound praying and without acquiring Haqqiqat that reveals the Quran, you cannot achieve that state.”
[Author’s Note: It is to be noted that the term in the translated line “this status” refers to the state when one completes the act of being a Muslim by performing all the acts that had been mentioned in the previous verses of this very chapter. So, here is the thing:
1.     Mushaaf or the Quran can’t be understood without the wisdom of Haqqiqat.(i.e. the wisdom given by Mahamati)
2.     Without ever understanding the Quran, “profound devotion” (nearest translation of  हजुरी बंदगी from the original Devnagari verse) towards Allah can never exist. 
3.     Furthermore, without profound devotion towards Allah, one can never achieve “this status” (as double quoted in the translated line in italic).
4.     And without ever reaching to “this status” (or let’s say “that status”... never mind), your act of being of Muslim is never accepted in the eyes of Allah.
So, this is my message to the Muslims all around the world that –
“We’re in this information age and yet we are unfamiliar with Mahamati Prannath and his wisdom.
So, why not start doing some research on Mahamati Prannath and let we judge truth from the falsehood?
Why not learn Hindi and start listening what Mahamati has to say?
Why not envision the wisdom of Quran from God’s perspective?
So, why not act now?”
The point is that every Muslim should need to know Allah’s identity in order to be a real Muslim. And Allah’s identity can be only known through the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath.
And it’s only a matter of time before the entire world discerns wisdom of Mahamati Prannath. So, happily join the faith of Mahamati Prannath now or admit Mahamati Prannath sobbingly afterwards! It’s all up to you.
And that is my explanation for the time being.

21:37 – Mahamati Prannath says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 Verse 37

 “The rank of Islam is very high because it acquaints you with your identity. Mommins surpass Zulmaat (nothingness from which the entire world is created) and the Noor (Ilah's realm or the realm of Sidra-tul-muntaha) and reach the world beyond the Noor (i.e. the realm of Allah).”
[Author’s Note: Mahamati Prannath has introduced or say - restored Islam into its original form by bringing this vast wealth of Islamic knowledge AROUND 1100 Hijri years.  
As a sign provided in the noble Quran, 1000 earthly years = 1 day of Allah and 100 earthly years = 1 night of Allah. 

Therefore, as promised in the Quran:
 - 1000 years + 100 years = 1100 years (i.e a day and a night)
- Thus, 1100 Hijri year becomes "the coming dawn"  which in fact was the promised hour of Judgment and Mahamati Prannath being the judge of the Judgment Day.
- This was the same hour when Allah declared his judgments regarding his Mommins and as well as the people of the Earth and all of the Lords's creation!

Hence, the rank of Islam and Imam Mahdi is the uppermost one.
And the disbelievers and the hypocrites used to the laugh at Rasul Muhammed questioning him the date of the Judgment Day and so on. Shame on them now! And remember that the wisdom given by Mahamati gives you your identity: your spirit’s identity!
Nothingness lies within this dream. Noor is the world of Noor Jallal. Beyond the realm of Noor is the home of Allah where only joy exists. (For more details, please read previous articles, for instance – Sanandh Chapter 20.) And keep in mind that Mommins are the only ones to GO BEYOND nothingness and Sidra-tul-muntaha and reach the home of Allah.

21:38 – Mahamati Prannath says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 Verse 38

“Muslims call themselves a Muslim and they stick for their existence only. Their feet walk on the path of Sharia, that path which Rasul explicitly showed to put into practice. So, why wouldn’t they be cut by Poolsaraat?
[Author’s Note: The question posed in this verse by Mahamati Prannath is purely rhetorical in tone.
Ok. The term “Poolsaraat” is a Quranic term. The path of Sharia is not a simple one. The path of Sharia is like the blade of a sword. So, if you stick for your existence only, the blade of Sharia will cut you and the consequence of that will be hellfire. Therefore if you are a Muslim who just lives for the sake of outer existence then remember that Sharia will not save you from hellfire.
Therefore, either stay dragging yourself in Poolsaraat and end up being cut by its blade or wisely accept the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath (or the path of love) and cross Poolsaraat at the lightning bolt speed via the path of Mahamati and finally attain eternal salvation in the hereafter.

21:39 – Mahamati Prannath says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 Verse 39

 “The one, whose heart is EMPIRED by Satan, is not pure but a big unholy! These unholy perform several killings in a matter of no time. In what ways are their hearts going to be pure?
[Author’s Note: The question here is rhetorical. And indeed! When Satan rules human hearts, it instantly converts human from human being to evil.

21:40 – Mahamati Prannath says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 21 Verse 40

 “What is the matter of cleansing physical body on the outer level if your heart is not pure from the inner level? Nobody has ever become pure-hearted just by washing their outer existence.”
[Author’s Note: Similar to the previous verses 38 and 39, the question posed here is also rhetorical in tone. You will find tons of rhetorical questions in the revelations of Mahamati Prannath.
Inner cleanliness is equally important as much as the outer cleanliness. Being a real Muslim is not an easy task. Always keep that in mind.

To be Continued … 

“If you are a true believer of Allah, then I’m pretty sure that you will be joyful to hear the glad tidings of the coming of Judgment Day. The end is here!”
-         Prayatna, the author of this blog