Sanandh Chapter 20.2

… Continued from Sanandh Chapter 20.1

Sanandh Verse 20_7

" Why this world has been created? What is this world? Why being with Subhaan during Qiyamat?(Author’s Note: rhetorical tone)". All of these questions shall be answered by Imam Mahdi revealing the meanings of the Koran.
(Author’s Note: The answer to the first question – “Why this world has been created?” goes like this. Well, there are several reasons of why Allah created this world. And of course, one of the reasons why Allah created this world, according to our Imam Mahdi, is to show his dear Mummins, the falseness of the world that never existed or would never exist in his own realm of indestructible Paradise. By Paradise, I mean the abode of Allah where only his Mummins reside with him.

Now, what is falseness? Well the answer to that key term “falseness” would be – “the mother nature”. That answers our second question – “what is this world?” This world is nothing but falseness. Long before the world was even ordered by Allah to be, there existed Allah and his Mummins in the indestructible eternal existence of Paradise where only bliss existed (and still it exists in bliss and will remain for eternity). Nature never existed in Heaven. By nature I mean everything that we see, feel and perceive in whatever the mode. Even time never existed before the creation of this world, since time was created as a part of nature. These are some of the few things which are quite hard to grasp at once at the beginning. However, as we proceed with the inner meanings of the verses revealed by Mahamati, everything seems to be clear afterwards.

Lastly, the answer to the third question – “Why being with Subhaan(Allah) during Qiyamat?” goes like this: Now, when Allah commanded the world to be, the Mummins of Paradise separated from their Allah and descended into three different material worlds one after another successively. At first, they descended into the first material world along with the spirit of Noor Jalal.
Noor Jalal happens to be the being that lives in Sidratul-Muntaha. Yes, Sidratul-Muntaha is exactly the same place where Prophet Muhammad’s spirit ascended along with the angel Gabriel at the night of ascent.  Noor Jalal happens to be one of God’s attributes. Noor Jalal resembles many qualities of Allah. Noor Jalal is only a tiny drop in front of Ocean when compared to Allah. However, it is to be kept in mind that only Allah should be worshipped. Not even Noor Jalal is allowed to enter the entire Paradise as according to the knowledge given by Mahamati Prannath!
At the first stage, the spirits of Paradise along with the spirit of Noor Jalal entered into the physical bodies of Humans. They watched the play (or the falseness) of that world. And as the spirits of Paradise and as well as the spirit of Noor Jalal  left their mortal body, the entire universe was destructed by the command of Allah and then it was resurrected by Subhaan Allah in the Heavens at the same time. This means that a new Indestructible realm of heaven of the “First Dream” was created. (But where? ... Well, the entire first dream was resurrected into the memory of Noor Jalal. It is fascinating to know from the knowledge of Tartam that how small the entire universe happens to be in front of Noor Jalal. Doesn’t it?) The physical bodies of Mummins that were composed of only Noor (or the Godly light) remained as it  was in Paradise before they even dreamed in Paradise. And it is only their “concentration” that diverted towards “Dream” from Reality after Allah separated the spirits from himself.

The spirits of Paradise entered into the dream of Noor Jalal in all of the three occasions. Thus, it would be fair to say that this world is nothing but just a Dream of Noor Jalal while Paradise and Sidratul-Muntaha are only Realities. However, it is the influence of that powerful nature that never lets humans of the Earth to acknowledge this fact!

Soon after the destruction of the “First Dream”, Allah commanded the “Second Dream” to be that was entirely different from the previous one, where both - the spirits from Paradise and the spirit of Noor Jalal, focused their attention to. The spirits of Paradise then watched falseness in that dream too. And again, soon after the spirits and the spirit of Noor Jalal left the physical bodies of Humans in that world, that world was again destroyed. And again as before, Subhaan Allah resurrected the second dream in the heavens for eternity. (And similar to the first dream, this second dream was also resurrected into the memory of Noor Jalal.)
Now the spirits of Paradise entered into the “Third Dream” along with the spirit of Noor Jalal for the third and final time.  The world that we currently live in is nothing but the “Third Dream” of Mummins from Paradise. Prophet Muhammad happens to be the dream’s character of Noor Jalal’s third and final dream. And note that prophet Muhammad returned and merged with Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath himself) to meet the spirits of Paradise some three and a half centuries ago in India. And it is to be kept in mind that the spirits of Paradise NEVER descended with the prophet at the Arab some fourteen centuries ago. This explains one of the reasons why the prophet of Allah had to return again at the Day of Judgment.
Allah created this third dream also to show the falseness that never existed in his Paradise. Some of the “falseness-es” that never existed in Paradise are:
  •  Nature itself (water, the earth, the sky, the fire and the wind)
  •  Every organisms, living or dead, terrestrial or flying and including the Humans
  •  Time
  • The cycle of Day and Night
  • The Sun and the Moon
  •  Clouds, lightening of clouds and every natural phenomenon.
  •  Religions and philosophies
  • Human behavior, human emotions i.e. overall human nature
  • Material happiness and material sadness
  • The physical body itself that is composed of flesh and blood
  •  Birth and death
  • Material Relations like friends and family
  •  Phony spiritual leaders, phony theologians
  • False Gods (Here, false gods are those gods which are not Allah. Real God is the God who is the God of reality but not the God of dream. False Gods are the artificial gods of the humans that were created as a part of dream by the command of Subhaan Allah himself. False gods are worshipped by the actors of dream. Mummins are the ones to recognize the God of Reality and as well as the artificial gods that humans worship.)
There are many other fake aspects of this world that never existed in Paradise of God which I shall mention in my upcoming posts.

And similar to the first dream and second dream, this third dream (the entire universe) shall also undergo resurrection into the memory of Noor Jalal by the command of Allah. But it is to be kept in mind that the resurrection of third dream has not occurred yet. However, it shall undergo resurrection when Allah wishes it to happen. That shall be the CLOSE to the time when the entire Earth shall follow the one religion of Mahamati Prannath!

Now, that the reason behind the genesis is stated, then let me answer why we, the Mummins, are with God at the Judgment day. The answer is simple. At the judgment day, the God himself (i.e. God’s authority) arrived in the heart of Meher Raj Thakur
Note that if God is God then God’s authority is no different from God. Hence, God’s authority is God. Therefore, Subhaan Allah promised in the Koran for his arrival at the hour of judgment so that he could meet with his beloved Mummins of Paradise who were separated from him (the Allah) just after the Genesis. God promised for his arrival so that he would unveil the curtain of falseness and take Mummins to their home. 
God has no any relation with this material world and the creatures residing therein EXCEPT for the Mummins. The relation between Allah and his Mummins is that - the hearts of Mummins is the throne of Allah himself. And the hearts of the humans of the Earth is merely nothing!

And I know that there are several serious questions that are raised while reading this post. But I sincerely request the readers to have patience. I will provide much other information about Noor Jalal and the spirits of Paradise. That way everything will be clarified. And note that, there are many other reasons too behind the creation of this world. And I have put my efforts to mention only one of them.

And remember that all of those three questions in the verses were only rhetorical in their intonations. )

20:8 - 
Sanandh Verse 20_8

"Why stay far from deceit? Why walk according the Sharia? (Author’s Note: rhetorical tone)".  All of these questions shall be answered by Imam Mahdi revealing the meanings of the Koran.
(Author’s Note: The answer to the first question – “Why stay far from deceit?” goes like this. Deceit literally means something that misleads. And anything except Islam of Allah is nothing but remorseful mislead and misleading. Therefore, a Muslim should always stay far from misleading. And this can be achieved ONLY by practicing Shariah or the laws of the book of the messenger of Allah. And that answers our second question – “Why walk according to Sharia?” However, it is to be kept in mind that Sharia never delivers the identity of Mahamati Prannath. Hence, there are limitations to Sharia. Therefore, one has to move beyond Sharia if he or she wants to truly acknowledge the identity of Mahamati Prannath.)

Sanandh Verse 20_9

"Which Ruh is mummin’s Ruh? Which Ruh is Muslim’s Ruh? Which Ruh is Kufraan’s Ruh(or disbeliever)?"(Author’s Note: Rhetorical tone). All of these questions shall be answered by Imam Mahdi revealing the meanings of the Koran.
(Author’s Note: Ruh is an Arabic term meaning spirit. Now, the answer here to the first question – “Which Ruh is mummin’s Ruh?” goes like this: Mummins are the followers of Mahamati Prannath. Mummins are the ones whose spirits are closest to Allah. Mummins are the ones whose heart is the throne of Allah. Therefore, don’t dare to call yourself a Mummin! Just pay obeisance to their heart!
Now, the answer to the second question – “Which Ruh is Muslim’s Ruh?” goes like this: The ones possessing the spirits of Muslims would truly be the ones following the path shown by the Rasul of Allah. Hence, question to yourself – “Am I truly following Islam?” Remember that every Mummin is a Muslim but not the opposite!
And the answer to the third question – “Which Ruh is Kufraan’s Ruh?” would be the disbelievers themselves. Disbelievers are those people who have no faith in Allah or the Koran whatsoever. The spirits of this category of people are belong to the category of Kufraan’s Ruh. These sorts of people are Kafirs because they are totally ignorant. Now, I want to pose you a question – “Are you still being knowingly ignorant?”

Note that the questions asked in this verse are also rhetorical in tone. This means that Mahamati Prannath does not need our answer. All he is trying to imply is that he knows the best answer to all of the questions in the verses. By best answer, I mean “that correct answer which the whole world is completely unknown of!”)

To be Continued …

Sanandh Chapter 20.1

CHAPTER 20: Name of the Chapter - "Sanandh of Furmaan
Sanandh Chapter 20 Title

Author’s Note: Furmaan is a Farsi term for the decree Koran itself. This chapter explains about the Koran. There are 61 verses in this chapter.
Now, let’s begin with the first part of the chapter 20 of the holy book of Sanandh.


Sanandh Verse 20_1

Nobody understood the Furmaan that was brought by Rasul. For the sake of those Mummins, for whom the Koran has been brought, are the only ones to understand the Koran.
(Author’s Note: Here, at the first line, Furmaan of Allah means the Koran. Clearly, Allah sent the Koran for his Mummins at first place. And clearly it is to be understood that the followers of Mahamati are the only ones to understand the Koran because they know the inner meanings of the Koran which the rest of the world are completely oblivious to.)

Sanandh Verse 20_2

Some words of Shariah were expressed by Rasul. The meanings of some Aayat(verses of Koran) were knowingly kept secret by Rasul so that Imam Mahdi would later explain it!
(Author’s Note: Shariah is Islamic law. And it is for us to keep in mind that Mahamati is unraveling all the secrets of Islam thus completing the incomplete Koran.)

20:3 -
Sanandh Verse 20_3

 Rasul of Allah heard words of Haqqiqat and Marifat at the night of ascent. But Rasul never included those words in the Koran. Now, Mahdi will reveal those words of Haqqiqat and Marifat that Rasul heard at the night of ascent and that should be the proof of the identity of Imam Mahdi(i.e Mahamati Prannath).
(Author’s Note: Now, the Koran and Hadiths describe the details of Rasul’s ascension towards the throne of God. However, if we see everything through the knowledge of Tartam, then we could come to a conclusion that those details of Rasul’s ascension mentioned in Hadiths are rather incomplete. Now, here in this verse what Mahamati, the Imam is revealing is that he is the promised Imam Mahdi and the verses that he is revealing are nothing but those verses that Rasul intentionally not mentioned in the Koran. This means that the Koran that we read today is only one third of what Allah had taught Rasul. The first part of the Koran that Rasul of Allah had heard was in Arabic. And those Arabic words included the words of Shariah or the law of God. In addition to that, the remaining two thirds of the Koran that Rasul heard at the night of ascent were in Hindi language. Hence, the words of Haqqiqat and Marifat of the Koran were not in Arabic thereby making Hindi language superior to the Arabic language in the Islam of Allah. Haqqiqat of Koran explains the hidden meanings of Koran. Marifat of Koran explains the identity of God and God’s attributes in details. Please keep reading all of my posts in a detailed fashion and I assure you that you shall discover the undiscovered!)

20:4 - 
Sanandh Verse 20_4

The meanings of Mushaaf can't be unlocked by anybody except for Imam Mahdi. Rasul previously stated that Imam Mahdi will advent and will be globally known.
(Author’s Note: Here, the word Mushaaf in the first line is Farsi term for the Koran. Now, in this very verse, the Imam Mahdi (of Allah) is trying to remind us that Mahamati shall be globally known. This prophecy of Rasul is yet to be fulfilled. And believe that it will fulfill when God wants (insha’Allah) that to be!)

Sanandh Verse 20_5

Without Imam Mahdi, the meanings of the Mushaaf are not possible. I've seen many doing the meanings of Koran. Nobody's mind ever understood that Koran is inexplicable without Imam Mahdi.
(Author’s Note: Here also the term Mushaaf has been stated in hindi to refer to the Koran. Now, it is for the readers to keep in mind that nobody knows the Koran better than Imam Mahdi himself.)

20:6 -  
Sanandh Verse 20_6

Who will understand the mystery of mysteries of Koran:"the words of my Lord Allah", except for Imam Mahdi? It is Isa Ruh Allah who understands the mystery of mysteries of Koran except Imam Mahdi.
(Author’s Note: Remember that the spirit of Isa Ruh Allah is also within Mahamati. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the work of Hindi verses revelation is done by Isa Ruh Allah. And it is for the readers to know that Isa Ruh Allah was the master of Meher Raj Thakur and Isa Ruh Allah is known as master Nijananda in the religion of Mahamati Prannath.
This would also give us a conclusion that the knowledge span by Isa Ruh Allah (i.e. the actual period of knowledge) was from 1678 B.S. and 1748 B.S. i.e. 70 years. At the Indian year 1638 B.S., the spirit of Isa Ruh Allah descended from the Lahut(or the heaven of Allah) while at the age of forty years, he received the knowledge of Tartam from the God himself in this material world. At the age of forty, Allah made the heart of Devchandra Mehta his throne. From then on the never heard knowledge of Tartam began to downpour. And that was exactly how Devchandra Mehta became master Nijananda. However, the revelations of the verses were done only by Mahamati from the Indian year 1715 B.S. for the period of 33 years i.e. till 1748 B.S. And it was the Indian year of 1712 B.S. when Isa Ruh Allah left his mortal body and his spirit later entered into Meher Raj Thakur along with several other forces to make Meher Raj Thakur the promised Imam. And that was the sequence of events that I mentioned in short that influenced the revelations of better verses than that of the Arabic-Koranic Aayats.
For those readers who are confused what the Indian year (B.S.) is, you could find general information about Bikram Sambat(abbreviated as B.S.) on the following article on Wikipedia: