Facts about Mahamati Prannath - Part 1

Here are some of the facts about Mahamati Prannath that you would like to know-

1.     Mahamati Prannath is the founder of a religion named Nijananda Sampradaya that was initiated by master Nijananda.
2.     The real name of Mahamati Prannath is "Meher Raj Thakur".
3.     “Mahamati Prannath” is a title that God gave to "Meher Raj Thakur" when he was forty years old.
4.     Mahamat is not a name rather it is a title that means "the one possessing supernatural mind". So, if you think that you possess "supernatural mind" then you too are free to entitle yourself with the title "Mahamat".
5.     Following are the spiritual forces that united to form Mahamati:
1.     Gabriel angel - the same angel that used to be with prophet Muhammed fourteen centuries earlier.
2.     Isa Ruh Allah, who is also known as master Nijananda, initiated the new religious faith of Nijananda Sampradaya when he was forty years old. After the death of master Nijananda, the spirit of master Nijananda ENTERED inside of the physical body of Meher Raj Thakur.
3.     Tartam (तारतम) - is a hindi word that means "knowledge that is in God's mind."
4.     Command of Allah - It is the Command of Allah that makes anything possible. God’s command is simply God’s Authority. So, to make it simple, Meher Raj Thakur had the full authority of God with him.
5.     Israfeel angel - the angel that Koran promised to arrive at the final hour to blow the trumpet twice. It is also called as the supernatural mind in Nijananda Sampradaya.
6.     Indrawati - the spirit of Meher Raj Thakur.

In short,  
Gabriel + Isa Ruh Allah + Tartam + Command of Allah + IsrafeelMahamat 

AND   Mahamat + Indrawati = Mahamati

6.     Prannath is a Hindi word for master Allah who is in the heart of Meher Raj Thakur
Hence together, Mahamati + Prannath = Mahamati Prannath.

7.     And finally there is one important another force that is in Mahamati Prannath and which I will mention in the upcoming posts. So, keep reading www.sanandhonline.blogspot.com

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  1. By now, you all should have known the force that I'm hinting in the point no. 7 ...

    Yes, prophet Muhammad, the Rasul of Allah was also present in Meher Raj Thakur.

    And it was the same Indian year 1735 Vikram Sambat (equivalent to 1678 AD) that the spirit of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) returned and united with the spirit of Meher Raj Thakur to make Meher Raj Thakur the final Imam or say Alif Lam Mim.