Sanandh Introduction


For those of you who don’t know Sanandh (say it as: “sanan-dh”) is, let me briefly tell you what Sanandh is -

In short, Sanandh is the holy book revealed by Mahamati Prannath (say it as: “Maha-mati” “Pran-nath”). But you could find the English exegesis of the Hindi verses of Sanandh in my articles.

Sanandh is originally written in the Devnagari script. So, those of you who are familiar with it could read it in Hindi.
I’ve intended the English exegesis of Sanandh for those people who don’t know the Hindi language and want to know about Mahamati Prannath. Till this date, I find no English translation of Sanandh. So on my own pattern, I’ve put my best efforts to translate Sanandh into English and present it to all of you. I really hope that everybody would benefit from this.
The opening title verse of Sanandh
The book of Sanandh begins with the opening title verse whose meaning goes like this:
Everybody tries to search what happened at the night of ascent. Every secret of Islam is in the night of ascent. Now I’m unraveling to you the night of ascent and now everybody will see the night of ascent.”

This is the book of Mahamati Prannath and its name is Sanandh (or in Hindi – lesson). In other words, Sanandh is the unraveling of the holy Quran Sharif. Thus, Sanandh is the substitution for the noble Quran.

Israfil is the name of the angel that has sung Sanandh via the physical body of Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath) at its appointed time as previously promised in the Quran. Israfil angel has brought down the heavenly book of Sanandh among the Sunnat Jammat (or the mass of Mahamati Prannath). Thus, by the command of the Lord God, and for the sake of the peoples of Mahamati Prannath, this book has been revealed by Imam Mahdi!

The book of Sanandh has been revealed down to “Firqa-tul-najjiyah” or the seventy third sector of Islam which happens to be the sector of Mahamati Prannath!

The presence of angel Gabriel (Jibril), Isa Ruh Allah and Prophet Muhammad is also felt in Sanandh. The holy book of Sanandh contains 42 chapters and 1691 verses.
Mahamati Prannath talks with the verses that he had revealed. This makes the verses much of a talking living being. It’s hard to explain at this time but you’ll understand this as you’ll read my other articles.


  1. Sanandh was revealed under the primary influence of Israfil angel and the secondary influence of Jibril angel.

    In fact, Allah himself sat in the heart of Meher Raj Thakur and commanded his revelations. Thus, Meher Raj Thakur became the final Rasul (or Mim) to speak God’s words of Judgment!

  2. Interesting... How might I learn more about this of whence you speak?


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