Facts about Mahamati Prannath - Part 1

Here are some of the facts about Mahamati Prannath that you would like to know-

1.     Mahamati Prannath is the founder of a religion named Nijananda Sampradaya that was initiated by master Nijananda.
2.     The real name of Mahamati Prannath is "Meher Raj Thakur".
3.     “Mahamati Prannath” is a title that God gave to "Meher Raj Thakur" when he was forty years old.
4.     Mahamat is not a name rather it is a title that means "the one possessing supernatural mind". So, if you think that you possess "supernatural mind" then you too are free to entitle yourself with the title "Mahamat".
5.     Following are the spiritual forces that united to form Mahamati:
1.     Gabriel angel - the same angel that used to be with prophet Muhammed fourteen centuries earlier.
2.     Isa Ruh Allah, who is also known as master Nijananda, initiated the new religious faith of Nijananda Sampradaya when he was forty years old. After the death of master Nijananda, the spirit of master Nijananda ENTERED inside of the physical body of Meher Raj Thakur.
3.     Tartam (तारतम) - is a hindi word that means "knowledge that is in God's mind."
4.     Command of Allah - It is the Command of Allah that makes anything possible. God’s command is simply God’s Authority. So, to make it simple, Meher Raj Thakur had the full authority of God with him.
5.     Israfeel angel - the angel that Koran promised to arrive at the final hour to blow the trumpet twice. It is also called as the supernatural mind in Nijananda Sampradaya.
6.     Indrawati - the spirit of Meher Raj Thakur.

In short,  
Gabriel + Isa Ruh Allah + Tartam + Command of Allah + IsrafeelMahamat 

AND   Mahamat + Indrawati = Mahamati

6.     Prannath is a Hindi word for master Allah who is in the heart of Meher Raj Thakur
Hence together, Mahamati + Prannath = Mahamati Prannath.

7.     And finally there is one important another force that is in Mahamati Prannath and which I will mention in the upcoming posts. So, keep reading www.sanandhonline.blogspot.com

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Sanandh Chapter 2


Author: Prayatna     www.sanandhonline.blogspot.com

CHAPTER 2: Name of the chapter - "Sanandh in Arabic"
(Author’s Note: The chapter contains 12 verses. This chapter has been revealed in Arabic tone. The Hindi verses in this chapter are not of Hindi accent. However, the script used to write the verses are that of Hindi (i.e. Devanagari script). 

Read the original Hindi verses by clicking here.
Below are the english translations of the verses of chapter 2nd of Sanandh:

2:1- By giving you the testimonies from the Koran, I state that the Arabic voice of my dear apostle is true. But the Muslims of India (Author’s Note: referring to Emperor Aurangzeb and his Islamic empire) will not understand these words.
(Author’s Note: Here, the Arabic voice means – Arabic Koran. The Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, had always been the target point of Mahamati Prannath. It was because Allah wanted Mahamati Prannath to try to bring Aurangzeb to Nijananda Sampradaya.)

2:2- Listen all of you, the Muslims of Hind (India), for I am telling you the truth. I shall not lie to you because you have “Qalma” which is true indeed.
(Author’s note: “Qalma” is one of the five pillars of Islam.)

2:3- Anybody who is a good Muslim, my love for you is huge. I speak words of truth (words of Allah). With me, I have the wisdom of Imam Mahdi.
(Author’s Note: Remember that Imam Mahdi has knowledge of Haqqiqat and Marifat of the Islam.)

2:4- For the sake of the Muslims of Hind (India), I speak Hindi. Every Muslim (of the world) is equal in my sight. I am the power of Imam Mahdi.
(Author’s Note: In Nijananda Sampradaya, Indrawati is the spiritual name of Mahamati. Spiritual name is the name of one’s self rather than name of physical body. Giving spiritual name to one’s spirit is a practice in Nijananda Sampradaya. And often “she”- pronoun is used to refer to “spiritual names” in Nijananda Sampradaya. To Mahamati Prannath, the name “Indrawati” was given by master Nijananda who initiated this faith.

And therefore here in verse 4, Indrawati is declaring herself to be Imam Mahdi by declaring“I am the power (or Lady)  of Imam Mahdi”.
The verses revealed are literary in nature. Thus, the use of word “Lady” has been done to mean “power”. Please don’t confuse with that.
You shall understand more of that only as you consciously and continuously read my further articles. )

2:5- Those Muslims who are true believers of Islam and truly love the footsteps of Rasul, I will speak for you the tongue of Hind. It is because Hindi is very dear to me.
(Author’s Note: It means that Imam Mahdi loves Hindi.)

2:6- In the midst of Koran (and Hadiths), previously prophesied by Rasul Muhammad: it has been prophesied that Imam Mahdi would come and state Islam by changing tongue.
(Author’s Note: Here the meaning becomes – ‘Imam Mahdi would restate Islam in non-Arabic language which therefore, happens to be Hindi language.)

2:7- Everything that is in between the heaven and the Earth, Imam Mahdi shall state them all in one clear voice. That one clear voice would be simple as well.
(Author’s Note: This verse continues dependently from verse 6. This means that, verse 7 similar to verse 6, is Rasul’s statement being stated by Mahamati Prannath in his own way.
Mahamati Prannath is trying to say that, Imam Mahdi is full of knowledge that exists between the heaven and the Earth.
Here, clear means – “a voice clear as child’s statement”; like an innocent child’s voice.
Here simple means “easily understandable”.
And these were the things that Rasul previously meant.)

2:8 - Rasul Muhammad previously stated that every man or firqa(religious sector) should follow the straight path of Islam. He further warned Muslims to not to speak the tongue of others (non-Muslims) OR to follow the path of others (non-Muslims).
(Author’s Note: This means that a Muslim shouldn't live like a non Muslim.)

2:9- These were the things that Rasul Saheb openly stated. And since it is the word of Koran to not speak as non-Muslims, why would I speak non-Islamic tongue (i.e. Hindi) without possessing the power of Imam Mahdi?
(Author’s Note: see verse no. 8 and other previous verses in numeric order.)

2:10- Every word that has been written in the Koran by the noble apostle of Allah; let not any word go untrue from it. Every words of Rasul of Allah have now been accepted (kabool) by Imam Mahdi.
(Author’s Note: Here Mahamati admits Islam.)

2:11- That place which has been liked (chosen) by Imam Mahdi is the nice place of Hind (India). Therefore, speaking any language other than Hindi is beyond Imam’s will.
(Author’s Note: It clearly shows that Imam Mahdi is willing to speak Hindi.)

2:12- For the sake of my Muslim tribe of India, I will now speak Hindi to you so that you shall attain happiness from your religion (i.e. deen Islam).
(Author’s Note: “my Muslim tribe of India” refers to the followers of Nijananda Sampradaya.
In this verse, Mahamati is trying to say is that – “in the upcoming chapters he shall speak in Hindi.” by stating - “I will now … religion”.

But the point to remember is that, this chapter was revealed in Arabic accent and now Mahamati is switching from Arabic accent to Hindi accent.
There is only one another chapter in Sanandh like chapter two, which is in Arabic language yet the script being Devanagari. You will find that later as I proceed with my further writings. Except than these two chapters, all the chapters are non-Arabic.)


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Chapter two - (in Devanagari script)

Below is the Devanagari script of chapter 2 of Sanandh:

सनंध प्रकरण २ - सनंध आरबी की

कलाम आरबी हक रसूल ना
, फआल कसीदे कलम ।
बोली अरबी सच है रसूल मेरे की
, कर के साखियां कहत हों ।
लाकिन माय आरफो
, मिन्हुम हिंद मुस्लिम ।। १ ।।
लेकिन, नहीं समझेंगे
, इनमें हिंदके मुसलमान ।।

इसम्यो हिंद मुस्लिम
, अना कलम सिदक ।
सुनो हिंदके मुसलमानों
, मैं कहूं सच ।
मा कलिम अना किजब
, मा कुंम इन्द कलिमा हक ।। २ ।।
ना कहूंगी मैं झूठ
जो, तुम पास कलमा सांच है ।।

अल्लजी मुस्लिम असलू
, अना हवा मरा कुंम ।
जो कोई मुस्लिम असल हैं
, मेरा प्यार बहुत तुमसे ।
अना हाकी हकाईयां असलू
, लिना इमाम इलंम ।। ३ ।।
मैं कहूं बातें असलकी
, साथ मेरे इमामका ग्यान है ।।

लागिल हिंद मुस्लिम
, अना कलिमो हिंद कलाम ।
खातर हिंदके मुसलमानों के
, मैं कहूं हिंदकी बोली ।
अना कुल्ल सवा सवा
, अना हुरम इमाम ।। ४ ।।
मुझको सब बराबर बराबर हैं
, मैं हों औरत इमाम मेंह्दीकी ।।

हिंद कलाम जिद हवा अना
, लागिल हिंद मुस्लिम ।
हिंदकी बोली ज्यादे प्यारी है, मुझे
खातर हिंदके मुसलमानोंके ।
अल्लजी सिदक यकीन
, हुब हक रसूल कदम ।। ५ ।।
जो कोई सच्चे यकीन वाले हैं
,  प्यार सांचा रसूल के कदमों पर ।।

बेन कुरान मकतूब
, अल्लजी रसूल कबल ।
दरम्यान कुरानके लिख्या है
, जो कि रसूलने आगे ही से ।
जाया मेहेदी कलम
, लिसान लुगद बदल ।। ६ ।।
आए के मेंहेदी कहेगा
, जुबांन बोल बदल कर ।।

वाहिद लिसान वाहिद लुगद
, अल्लजी सेसमा उलगवर ।
एक जुबांन एक बोल
, जो कुछ आसमान जमीन में हैं ।
बेन हिम इमाम लुकनत
, लिसान लुगाद ला कादर ।। ૭ ।।
दरम्यान इनोंके इमाम मेहेदी तोतला
, जुबांन बोलने से ना समरथ ।।

कुल्ल आदम ओ कुल्ल गिरोह
, मा कुल सुर आ वाहिद ।
सारे आदमी और सब उमत
जो कोई, है सबकी राह एक है ।
लुगा तरीक मा मिसलहू
, कमा फास काल महंमद ।। ८ ।।
बोलना राह नहीं है उन जैसा
, ऐसे जाहेर कह्या मुहम्मद साहब ने ।।

अल्लजी मकतूब हाकिमा
, बेन कुरान कलाम ।
जो कि लिख्या है ऐसा
, दरम्यान कुरान के वचन ।
हाला अना कएफ कलमो
, लुगाद बदल इमाम ।। ९ ।।
अब मैं क्यों कर कहूं
, एक बोल बिना इमाम मेंहदी ।।

हरफ कमा मकतूब
, अल्लजी हक रसूल ।
सब्द जैसा कोई लिख्या है
, जो सांचे रसूल अल्लाह ने ।
व ला इतरो मिन्हुंम लुगा
, फआल इमाम कुल्ल कबूल ।। १० ।।
कदी न जावे इनमें से एक बोल
, किए इमाम ने सब कबूल ।।

अल्लजी इमाम अगबू
, हुब हस्ना हिंद मकान ।
जो इमाम मेंहेदी ने पसंद किया
, प्यारी है  वही हिंद की ठौर ।
कुल्लु लाए जाया कलाम गैर
, मिसल हिंद इलाने कफयान ।। ११ ।।
कही न आवे बोली और
मानिंद, हिंदके नहीं तो बस है ।।

लागिल मुस्लिम कुरब ना
, अना फआली कुंम इस्हल ।
खातर मुस्लिम कबीले मेरे के
, मैं कर देऊं तुम को सहल ।
अना कलिम कलाम कुंम
, यालिक यकून कुम दीन सुगल ।।१२ ।।
मैं कहूं बोली तुम्हारी
, ज्यों होवे तुम को दीन में सुख विलास ।।


Chapter one - (in Devanagari script)

Below is the original script of the verses of chapter 1 of Sanandh:
सनन्ध प्रकरण १: सनंध - पेहेली अल्ला रसूल की
अल्ला मुहबा मासूक , सो खासी खसम दिल । तो नाम धराया रसुलें , आसिक अपना असल ।।१।।

आसिक कहया  अल्लाह को , मासूक कहया महंमद । न जाए खोले मायने , बिना इमाम एक सब्द ।।२।।

आए रसूलें यो कहया , काजी आवेगा खुद सोए । पर फुरमान यों केहेवहीं , जिन कोई केहेवे दोए ।।३।।

एक कहया न जवाहीं , दो भी कहिए कयों कर । भेले जुदे जुदे भेले , माएने मुसाफ इन पर ।।४।।

ऐसे माएने गुझ कई , तिन गुझोंमें भी गुझ । ए माएने अपने आप बिना , और न काहूं सुझ ।।५।।

फुरमान ल्याया रसूल , तिनमें अल्ला कलाम । सो भेज्या मोमिनों पर , अंदर गुझ अलाम ।।६।।

ए जिन भेज्या सो जान्ही , या जाने आया जिन पर । ए गुझ खसम मोमिन की , बिना रसूल न कोई कादर ।।७।।

खसमें लिखी हकीकत , जोलों न पाइए सोए । तोलों असलू मोमिन को , चैन जो कैसे होए ।।८।।
माएने इन कुरान के , जोलों ना समझाए । तोलों सो रुह आपको , मोमिन कयों कहेलाए ।।९।।

तो लिख्या आगूहीं थें , रसुलें अल्ला कलाम । करसी जाहेर मोमिन , आखिर आए इमाम ।।१०।।

हकीकत फुरमानकी , कहूं सुनो सब मिल । नूर अकल आगे ल्याएके , साफ करुं तुम दिल ।।११।।

अब सो आखिर आइया , उठ खडे रहो मुस्लिम । पाक करुं नूर अकलें , खबर देऊं खसम ।।१२।।

सबको प्यारी अपनी , जो है कुल की भाख । अब कहूं भाखा मैं किनकी  , यामें भाखा तो कई लाख ।।१३।।

बोली जुदी सबन की , और सबका जुदा चलन । सब उरझे नाम जुदे धर , पर मेरे तो केहेना सबन ।।१४।।

बिना हिसाबें बोलियां , मिने सकल जहान । सबको सुगम जान के , कहूंगी हिंदुस्तान ।।१५।।

बडी भाखा एही भली , सो सबमें जाहेर । करने पाक सबन को , अंतर मांहें बाहेर ।।१६।।


Sanandh chapter 1.3

... continued from  chapter 1.2

Verse 11: Now, I'm unraveling the "Haqqiqat"(the hidden truth) of Koran. Unite and listen mummins. By bringing supernatural mind in front of you, I will purify your hearts and your minds.
(Author's Note: It is to be kept in mind that the verses of "Sanandh" were revealed by Mahamati Prannath in the influence of Israfeel angel similar to the influence of Jibreel angel where Rasul would reveal the Koran. Israfeel also happens to be the supernatural mind.
By supernatural mind, Mahamati Prannath is trying to mean that Israfeel is the full knower of what is in the mind of Allah. Israfeel angel is the dearest angel of Allah. Not even Jibreel angel knows what is in the mind of Allah! All of these secrets are unraveled as we go further deeper and deeper into "Sanandh".)

Verse 12: Now that final hour which had been previously stated by Muhammad has arrived. That is why, O Muslims, stand tall in Islam. With the help of Noori(supernatural) mind, I shall purify you and explain you the whereabouts of master of the day of judgment(Allah).
(Author's Note: here Mahamati is trying to call the mummins by also calling them Muslims. After the Hindi to English translation of Sanandh, I've here phrased the phrase - "stand tall in Islam" to refer to the order ordered by Mahamati Prannath to the Muslims to not quit on Islam no matter whatever the obstacles.)

Verse 13: Now, to everybody their language is dearly to themselves. In this world, there are hundreds and thousands of languages, so, whose language will I speak?
(Author's Note: the question here is rhetorical.)

Verse 14: Everybody has different tongues and different cultures. Everybody is bounded within their cultures. But the thing is I had to unravel the mysteries of Koran for all, isn't it?
(Author's Note: the question here similar to verse 13 is rhetorical.)

Verse 15: In this world, there are countless tribes and tongues. But for the sake of everybody's ease for language understandability, I shall speak Hindi.
(Author's Note: The intention of this verse is that, Mahamati Prannath shall unlock the mysteries of Koran using Hindi language. The followers of Mahamati Prannath during his life were ONLY Indian NOT Arabian or American. Etc. Hence, Hindi.)

Verse 16: Hindi, which is also your (Author's Note: here by saying "your", Mahamati Prannath is referring to his followers) major language, is the nice language that I have chosen to unravel the mysteries of the Koran. Now, it will be "via Hindi language" that I will purify "everybody" from the inside and as well as from the outside.

(Author's Note: here by saying "everybody" Mahamati Prannath is referring to his follower as well to every people of this world. Here "via Hindi language" means "via this knowledge that he is providing".
The internal purification means the purification of minds and hearts whereas the external purification means physical purification that Islam orders. The process of purification shall occur as Sanandh flourishes.    
Remember that Mahamati Prannath is Imam Mahdi and Imam Mahdi was providing heavenly knowledge to his followers then via the revelation of Hindi verses. These Hindi verses revealed by Imam Mahdi are the improved "Aayats" of the Koran. This means that "Aayats"(or the verses) of the heavenly book of "Sanandh" are the "Aayats" better than Koranic "Aayats"! And it is for everybody to think that it could be only Allah who has got the power to downpour aayats that are better than Koranic aayats!)

Sanandh chapter 1.2

 ...continued from chapter 1.1

 Verse 5: Just like that, there are as many mysteries of Koran and each mystery contains many other mysteries. And the mysteries of the Koran are never understandable to any others except me, Imam Mahdi.
(Author's Note: Here by stating "just like that", Imam Mahdi is trying to say "just like in the previous verses".)

Verse 6: Mahamati further says- Rasul brought Furmaan
(Author's Note: here Mahamati uses the word "Furmaan" meaning "decree" for Koran Sharif). Furmaan contains the messages of Allah that Allah had sent for the Mummins. The mystery of Koran is very intense.
(Author's note: Mummins are the believers or the members of "Firqa-tul-Najjiyyah" or the Nijananda Sampradaya ONLY).

Verse 7: Either Allah who had sent the Koran understands OR the Mummins for whom Allah sent the Koran understands the Koran. The Koran therefore secretly talks about master Allah and Mummins. And no one was powerful enough to deserve to state Koran except for Rasul himself.
Verse 8: Mahamati further says - Master Allah had stated the words of truth(Haqqiqat) in Koran. And why the real Mummins, the ones who never sit satisfiedly without knowing the hidden meanings(Haqqiqat) of Koran, stay satisfied without Haqqiqat of the Koran?
(Author's note: The question here is rhetorical.)

Verse 9: If any believer stays without knowing the inner meanings of the Koran then why should he call his spirit the spirit of that of Mummin?
(Author's Note: The tone of this question is "think".)
Verse 10: That is why Rasul had stated previously in "Allah Qalam"(i.e in Koran/Hadiths) that Mahdi would advent at the final hour to unravel the secrets of "Allah Qalam"(i.e. Koran/Hadiths) within the mass of his follower mummins.
(Author's Note: This means that the fundamental task of Imam Mahdi is to unlock the secrets of the Koran and Hadiths. And this is exactly what Mahamati Prannath is doing via the verses.)
 To be continued...