Friendship with Qalma – Chapter 22.1.1 Traits of Spirits of Arsh

Sanandh Chapter 22 Title
Chapter 22 – Traits of spirits of Arsh 
A note from the author –

“Traits of Spirits of Arsh” is the title of the chapter 22 of Sanandh. This chapter contains 63 verses. Chapter 22 continues from the previous chapter 21 and the main message continues till the 23rd chapter.

The spirits of Arsh refers to the Mommins of Allah whose spirits started descending from Lahut (or heaven of Allah) to Nasut or the Earth only after 990 Hijri years (which also marks the beginning of Lailtul-Qadr).
All the spirits of Arsh who are (of) Allah’s Noor (or say divine light of God) entered into the humans (who were originally created out of nothingness as a sequence of Allah’s creation of the world)!
Mommins descended along with the angels of Jabrut (or the realm of Sidratul-muntaha) in order to watch this material world (or this false play). For more, see Sanandh 20:7
Quran - chapter 97:5 hints towards the advent of Isa Ruh Allah - Devchandra Mehta (the head of all the Ruh Mommins) along with the mass of Mommins (the Ruhs) and the mass of Muttaqins (the angels). For more, see Sanandh 20:50

Everyone in this world loves to claim to be believer (or Mommin) irrespective of their religions. However, it is only the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath which acquaints us with the truth that everybody had only ignorantly claimed to be a Mommin without ever being a Mommin of Arsh in reality!
Moreover, after the completion of chapter 22 and 23, all of you shall have a much bigger picture in your minds (than what it is right now) of whom exactly these Mommins are and what exactly differentiates these Mommins (about whom I am talking about right now) from the rest of the world.
… Curious huh?
Just wait and watch!  

So, let me begin the 22nd chapter of Sanandh with this first article below:
Friendship with Qalma – Chapter 22.1.1 Traits of Spirits of Arsh   

22:1 – Mahamat says to his followers,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 1

It is obvious that I shall reveal to you the mysteries and erase tiniest of your doubts. Before that however, I shall first say some little nice things about the believer Mommins concerning our tradition.”
[Author’s Note: Here, “mysteries” refer to the unseen meanings of the Quran which you, the readers, have more to see yet!
In the fewer upcoming verses, Mahamati Prannath is about to briefly reveal (to his mass of followers or Mommins) about their traditions.

22:2 – Mahamat says, 
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 2

By arguing with each individual, Rasul persuaded hundred thousand times. And I explicitly took those traditions of Mommins that Rasul had mentioned previously.”
[Author’s Note: Here, “hundred thousand times” in the above translation is a hyperbole that means – several times. The prophet of Allah had persuaded every individual of the Arabs many times about the traditions of Islam, hadn’t he?
Remember that the path that Imam Mahdi had walked was no different from the one shown by the Rasul of Allah.

22:3 – Mahamat says,  
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 3

“For Crores of times, Rasul explicitly ordered (the traditions of Islam) to everyone. And I am walking in that tradition by taking that very Qalma of Islam on top of my head.”
[Author’s Note: Qalma is the first tradition of Islam, one of the five pillars of Islam. Here in the translation of this verse, “For Crores of times” is a hyperbole meaning – for several times.

The path that Imam Mahdi had walked was no different from the one shown by the Rasul. Remember that Meher Raj Thakur had not even known the Quranic wisdom before revealing the book of Sanandh. The revelations of the verses of Sanandh were purely done in the influence of two major angels - Israfil angel and Jibril angel. Now, just think this for a moment –
How could any normal person ever create such a magnificent literature like Sanandh without even ever knowing anything about the Quran?
You see? … This is called the “will of God”. If God wills, then, even an illiterate Hindu saint will have the power to reveal Islamic revelations! (and “illiterate”, in the sense that he was totally uneducated about the Quran)
By the will of God, Meher Raj Thakur automatically understood all of the Islam without even learning anything about Islam at the first place!
Sanandh chapter 22.1.1 MeherRaj automatically understood Islam
In reality, God himself taught Imam Mahdi everything (by his will) which is also mentioned in the Quran … you will have to just dig inside the verses of the Quran to its very core to see this kind of stuff … found it yet? … If not then, leave it for now and have patience … Mahamati Prannath is mentioned in several different places in the Quran …
Iblis has (naturally) damaged your one eye or the inner eye … I will attempt to repair your damaged eye(s) and you will see Mahamati Prannath being clearly mentioned in several places of the Quran in G-I-G-A-N-T-I-C letters, I promise!But not now … but later at some appropriate point of time … Okay? So, have patience.
I’m well aware of what I had just said above ... but the question is - are you attentive to what I had just said?

22:4 – Mahamat says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 4

“Hugely spread was this message that –
“Rasul had said that he had brought the decree (Author’s Note: i.e. the Quran) from Haq (Author’s Note: i.e. God, the truth) and had also said that anybody who did friendship with Qalma, should find Rehman (Author’s Note: i.e. God, the merciful).”
[Author’s Note: Indeed, the declaration of Islam in the pre-Islamic Arab was thunderous!
Friendship with Qalma” in this verse means – to accept Qalma.
The inner meaning of this verse is that “Qalma” means the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath. Therefore, anybody who does friendship with the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath, should definitely find Rehman, the merciful.

22:5 – Mahamat says to his mass of his follower Mommins,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 5

“For the sake of youMommins of Arsh, he had brought to you the decree of Haq and he had vowed that he would surely summon Subhaan right here.”
[Author’s Note: This verse continues from 22:4 and the message continues till 22:6.
Remember that Rasul of Allah had brought the Quran for the sake of Mommins at the first place and “he” in the above translation refers to Rasul of Allah.

Translating this particular verse into its nearest meaning wasn’t that easy for me. The translation done here is actually in “indirect speech” opposite to the “direct speech” used in the original Hindi verse. And “right here” at the end of this verse means “India”.
Remember that Allah had arrived in India in the heart of Isa Ruh Allah and as well as Imam Mahdi. And that is exactly how the Rasul of Allah had previously vowed to summon Subhaan Allah. India is that holy land where Allah himself had arrived. No other land in the entire world is thus holy (or more holy) compared to the land of India.

22:6 – Mahamat continues,  
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 6

He shall introduce that Allah who was never attained by anyone or ever heard by anybody’s ears and he should be witness here later.”
[Author’s Note: Verse 22:6 continues from verse 22:5 and similar to 22:5, translating this particular verse into its nearest meaning wasn’t that easy for me. The translation done here is also actually in “indirect speech” opposite to the “direct speech” used in the original Hindi verse.  
And “he” in this verse refers to Rasul of Allah himself. And similar to previous verse, “be witness here” in the translation also refers to the land of India.

And those were the words of Rasul being reminded to us by Imam Mahdi in his words.
The meaning of this verse is that – “Rasul had said verse 22:6” and Mahamati Prannath is expressing them in indirect speech (of course, the grammar of Hindi language and English language are pretty different).
In the same way, verses 22:4 and 22:5 are also the expression of Mahamati Prannath in indirect speech.
Verses 22:4, 22:5 and 22:6 should always be read and perceived in succession otherwise the message intended will not be the message received.  
“later” at the end of the translation i.e. “be witness here later” refers to “Judgment Day”. And indeed, Rasul of Allah stood as a witness of his words, Allah’s words (Quran’s words). The biggest proof of that is the book of Sanandh itself!

22:7 – Mahamat says to his Mommins,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 22 Verse 7

“The spirits, who are the Mommins of Arsh - what else should they need now? Understand what Rasul had said as the truth that
Kazi (Author’s Note: i.e. the Judge) will do Kaza (Author’s Note: i.e. the Judgment) at this place.”
[Author’s Note: Here, Mahamati Prannath is reminding us what the Prophet had previously said.
And “at this place” in the translation refers to India. Remember that Kazi i.e. Mahamati Prannath has already done Kaza i.e. judgment in the holiest land of India.
Remember that Mahamati Prannath is the master of the Day of Judgment (or Maliki yaumiddin in Arabic) but not a human being!
The fate of the entire world has already been judged and even the knower(s) of the Quran are still oblivious of this very fact!
(I will talk more about the Judgment of the Judgment Day later at some appropriate time but not right here.)

To Be Continued … (see you next month)