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About Nijananda Sampradaya (Islam) –

Nijanand Sampradaya is the religion that was founded and named personally by Mahamati Prannath.

It was the Indian year (Vikram Sambat) of 1735 in Haridwar (MahaKumbh Mela) that there occurred a religious convention. On the one side, there was Mahamati Prannath along with the mass of hundreds of his followers. On the other sides, there were many Hindu sectors, each with their own leaders and followers as well. 
This religious convention was about a primary discussion of whose religious sector was the best and whose god was the supreme god. During that religious convention, each religious leader of their sector made their own propositions which were only to be either falsified or proved to be illogical in the end by "Mahamati Prannath".
For example -It was stated (and believed) that "Brahm (ब्रम्ह)" was ubiquitous in this world. Mahamati Prannath cross checked them (those who stated that proposition) by justifying that –
“The world is filled with ignorance and other vices and since light and darkness could not exist at the same time and so does "Brahm" and "Maya (माया)". Therefore, it is not logical to say that "Brahm" is ubiquitous in this world. Moreover, it is "Maya" that is ubiquitous in this world. Opposite to "Maya", "Brahm" is ubiquitous in his realm which is beyond this universe".

Everybody became speechless after that! Thus, the people were curious to know about Mahamati Prannath and the religion that he was in. It was only then when Mahamati Prannath revealed himself to the world as revealed below in the verses of "Bitak Sahib"(a manuscript containing the detailed life description of Mahamati Prannath):

दिब्य ब्रह्म पुर धाम है, घर अक्षरातीत निवास निजानंद है सम्प्रदा, उत्तर प्रस्न प्रकास ।। श्री देवचन्द्र जी निजानंद, जिन प्रगट करी सम्प्रदा ऐह तिनथें हम यह लखी हैं, द्वार पावें अब तेह ।।
Meaning: "That it was निजानंद, Shree Devchandra ji (श्री देवचन्द्र जी) who started this religious sector, Therefore in the honor of master Nijanand (Devchandra Mehta), the name of our religion would be Nijanada Sampradaya”-
-  Mahamati Prannath (in 1735 in Hardwar, India)
Nijananda Sampraday hence literally meant the religious sector of master Nijananda (the title for Devchandra Mehta) himself. 'Sampradaya' is a Hindi word for sector (before that religious convention Mahamati Prannath and this religion were totally unknown and unheard and also limited within few selected peoples).

(The religion that he was leading was only named "Nijananda Sampradaya" after this very event. Before that the religion existed without a formal name. It existed in the form of a mass of followers only!)

The legacy of Nijananda Sampradaya began to flourish within India from then on. Only before some few decades, the people of the world started perceiving/calling this religion as "Pranami Sampradaya" or otherwise "Krishna Pranami Dharma". However, it is inappropriate to mirror Nijananda Sampraday as "pranami sampradaya". It is because Mahamati Prannath, never uttered the words "pranami sampradaya" as his established religion’s name.

Nijananda sampradaya is not the religion of the devotees of Krishna or any other Hindu gods. It is the religion that believes in "Mahamati Prannath" as the supreme god himself (the god of Noah, Abraham, Issac, and all the other prophets). 

The numbers of followers of Nijananda Sampradaya are extremely few till this date (like finding a needle in the pile of haystacks). These followers follow every commandments of Mahamati Prannath and put them in action into their real lives. Those are the peoples who I refer to as Mommins in my blog.

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  1. It was the same Indian year (1735 Vikram Samvat) that the spirit of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) returned and united with the spirit of Meher Raj Thakur to make Meher Raj Thakur the final Imam or say Alif Lam Mim.

    It is to be noted that when Meher Raj Thakur declared himself as the Imam Mahdi of Muslims, he was (around) 60 years of age.

    At the age of 40, the starting of the revelation of Hindi verses began. Only at the 20th year after the age of 40, i.e. at the age of 60, the revelations concerning Islam started to occur. The first book of revelation of Imam Mahdi happened to be Sanandh, which is also the primary focus of this blog.

    For the first 19 years (i.e. 40 + 19), Mahamati Prannath was busy assembling Hindus into his newly established religious mass (one by one) by revealing the hidden secrets of Vedas and other Hindu’s sacred scripts. Only at the 20th year of his glorious years of his leadership, Mahamati Prannath was open to the outside world (for the first time) as Imam Mahdi.
    Imam Mahdi started to reveal the hidden secrets of Islam up until the age of 73 years.

  2. There is no concept of transmigration of souls in Islam. Read the Quran not Sanandh. The verses of Sanandh are purely against the teachings of Quran and Prophet Muhammad. Don't call you religion "Islam" because your fundamentals are entirely different from the Islam I know. I am telling you this because I have studied Quran and I also studied Hadith and after learning the Sanandh verse and I can easily compare them. As a Muslim, I am giving you a advise that you should learn Quran also and compare both Quran and Sanandh. I am sure you will find the truth.

  3. Yes, I agree with you that - "there is no concept of transmigration of souls" ...

    A few paragraphs about "Mahamati Prannath" won't totally acquaint you about him. I really wish that - you would have known Hindi because, there is still no any English version of - "the biography on Mahamati Prannath" ... And my religion is "Islam", the only thing is you haven't seen its complete face yet!

    But again, ... lets keep patience ... Shall we? There is more to Sanandh than what I had said so far.

  4. Islam is also the way of living shown by Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath)!
    The saved sector of Islam , or the seventy third sector of Islam, also happens to be the sector of Mahamati Prannath!

    Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath) has already sketched the New World Order of one common religion i.e. the religion of Nijanand Sampradaya , or the revived Islam!


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