Sanandh Chapter 3.2

... Continued from Sanandh Chapter 3.1
3:4- I will unravel to you every religion which everybody knows. I will unravel you the philosophy of every religious sector so that they shall unify in the oneness of my religion.
(Author’s Note: “you” in the first line refers to the followers of Mahamati Prannath.
From the second line, Mahamati is starting to merge Hinduism and Islam. The word – “my religion” in the final line refers to the religion of Mahamati and that is “NijanandaSampradaya”.)

3:5- In this world, I have seen every religious sector and their respective philosophies and their respective teachings. I have seen everybody's way of praying and their love towards God. And I have clearly seen everybody's belief towards religion and God.
(Author’s Note: The purpose of this verse is to weigh the “all religions of the world” and “Nijananda Sampradaya”.)

3:6- That land which Imam Mahdi had arrived leaving the rest of the world is holy. The language of the place where Imam Mahdi had arrived is also nice. From this very place the whole world shall gain eternity.
(Author’s Note: The holy land is India.
In the final line, Mahamati is trying to say that verses that he revealed in the Hindi language should give the world the eternal life after the destruction of the world. The point is that – the knowledge given by Imam Mahdi is holy and is powerful enough to give eternal life to the people of the world.
You will understand this in a much broader sense as you follow my articles.)

3:7- Till this day, the command (Hukum) of Allah had scattered everybody in the names of tribes and languages. Now by the command of Imam Mahdi, it shall occur that every tribe of the world merges into one tribe of Islam (Nijananda Sampradaya).

(Author’s Note: Here, “command” in the first line refers to the order of Allah. Order of Allah is the will of Allah and everything in the world occurs as Allah wills.

In the final line, it could be clearly seen that the Islam established by Mahamati is termed as the “Nijananda Sampradaya”.

And also remember that the followers of Mahamati during his life were Hindus and as well as Muslims. So, both the Hindus and Muslims were merged into Nijananda Sampradaya as a part of Imam Mahdi’s task.) 

Sanandh Chapter 3.1

CHAPTER 3: Name of the Chapter- "Now the verses begin in Hindi language"
(Author’s Note: This is the chapter 3 from Sanandh and it contains 7 verses. This chapter is a continuation from chapter 2 that was in Arabic tone. The verses of this chapter are in Hindi.)
3:1- To all tribes who only engage in their languages and cultures – Be attentive to the reality as well.  I have now enlightened the light. Now every hidden meanings of Koran shall unravel.
(Author’s Note: “reality” in the first line refers to the “hidden meanings” opposite to the “explicit meanings stated in the Koran. “
Here Mahamati uses the word “the light” to refer to the Koran in the second line.)
3:2- Until now, the people of world have only taken the explicit meanings of the Koran. Without knowing the chief meanings of the Koran, the people of the world were totally unaware of what profit was and what loss was.
(Author’s Note: In the second line, “Chief meanings” are the unseen meanings which you the readers shall be familiar with as I, Prayatna would proceed to the further chapters.
Here, in the second line, “profit” refers to being in Islam and “loss” refers to not being in Islam.)
3:3- To unify every Hindu and every Muslim, I shall now end everybody's deception of knowledge by saying everybody's knowledge in true sense.
(Author’s Note: Here, “everybody’s deception of Knowledge” would refer to ignorance of every Hindus as well as every Muslims.
Similarly, “everybody’s knowledge” refers to - the knowledge of both the Hindus and Muslims. This means that Mahamati is unraveling not only the Koran, but also Hinduic scripts such as Vedas and the Puranas etc. Thus Imam Mahdi is the knower of not only the Koran but also the Vedas and other scipts.)

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