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Sanandh Chapter 22 (original script Hindi)

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For the sake of the spirits - Sanandh Chapter 22.5 Traits of spirits of Arsh

22:53 - Mahamat says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 53  

I’m awakening you and that will be your assessment. In many ways, master Allah conducts test of the spirits of Arsh.”
[Author’s Note: Who will awake quickly? ... That definitely would be the test for the believers. The spirits of Arsh stand tall by bringing faith in Mahamati Prannath and by fighting with Satan in every corner of their lives!

22:54 - Mahamat says to the mass of his followers,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 54

“If your organs are not still enthusiastic even after listening to my words, then remember that Aashiq (Haq) and Mashooq (Hadi) are watching everything - including the strength of your Ishq.”
[Author’s Note: Now, this is a little difficult verse to explain. The inner meanings of these sorts of verses which contain words like “Aashiq, Mashooq and Ishq” usually don’t come fluently in English language. To talk about “Aashiq, Mashooq and Ishq”, one needs to jump to the level of the knowledge of Marfaat. And the wisdom of Marfaat can only be perceived in its original sense only in Hindi language and no other language other than Hindi.
Remember how the spirits of Arsh together ego-ed that their Ishq (i.e. the love of God) is greater than their Lord’s Ishq  ...  Now it’s time to prove those words into reality (if you are the spirit of Arsh)!
You know, skip this part if this confuses you ... This verse is exclusively for the mass of the spirits of Arsh only who had all promised to not forget their Lord Allah upon descending in this material world ...

22:55 - Mahamat says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 55

“Even after listening to this, whosoever doesn’t start running - then let them be the character of laugh. How much Ishq that is contained within them, shall now be exposed!
[Author’s Note: The following is the message to all the spirits of Arsh:
Who wants to awake first in Lahut by taking the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath? ... You?   
... See? ... This is called the race of Ishq (i.e. the love of God). Are you willingly participating in it? ... Do you want to win it? ... Or, do you want to easily be a laughing stock by not participating in it? ... It’s totally up to you ... What do you prefer after waking up in Lahut – shame or respect? ... If you want respect in Lahut, then don’t give a damn to this worldly life and totally destroy your worldly self by purely walking in the path of Ishq shown by Mahamati Prannath.  

22:56 - Mahamat says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 56

Those who take Ishq and find Allah, they will take gigantic bliss. Understand this as a fact - without ache you will find only sadness.”
[Author’s Note: This verse complements its previous verse. This verse is the message to those who will not willingly participate in the race of Ishq (i.e. the love of God) that I had just talked about in the previous verse 22:55.
And one more thing – no pain, no gain!

22:57 - Mahamat continues,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 57

Those who stayed in this falseness and didn’t awaken by giving their fullest of hearts, they will not be able to take here any advantage of either deen (religion) or the dunya (world).”
[Author’s Note: The message from the verse 22:56 continues to this verse. And the decision is yours to make. Its religion of Mahamati Prannath Vs the world (or deen aakhiraat Vs dunya)! Choose the best.
Be smart. That’s all I can say here.

22:58 - Mahamat continues more,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 58

“Since those are unable to take any advantage. That’s why only laughter will be left in front of the other Mommins (in Lahut). I warn those Mommins of Arsh who becomes the character of that laugh!”
[Author’s Note: This verse continues from 22:57. This highlights the warning message of Mahamati Prannath to his fellow Mommins to not lose the advantage of both deen (religion) and dunya (world) otherwise they will be the character of laugh (in this world) and also when they would wake later in Lahut during the resurrection at Qiyamat.

22:59 - Mahamat continues,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 59

“Those Mommins who still feel sadness because of this laughter, that sadness isn’t that bad for you, the spirits, since that makes you recall your true happiness.”
[Author’s Note: This verse continues dependently from verse 22:58.
Worldly misery is only an illusion and hence just a thing of laughter!
Worldly sadness and troubles aren’t that bad. After all, everybody remembers Allah only in the times of troubles.
In this verse, “true happiness” refers to the happiness of Lahut (but not this material world). True happiness of Lahut can’t be described in words and could only be experienced via the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath!

22:60 - Mahamat continues,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 60

If not, then that tongue, via which I explain this sadness, let me chop that tongue into several pieces. That’s why I sob in many different ways for the sake of the spirits.”  
[Author’s Note: This verse continues from its previous verse 22:59.
This verse describes the emotion of Imam Mahdi who cries because of the pain suffered by the spirits of Lahut.
We are in pain, and our Lord cries! ... see? That’s our Lord Prannath!

22:61 - Mahamat says to all of his believers,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 61

You and I are of Arsh-e-Ajeem and thus our spirits are not two! So, if my Ruhs (the spirits) are sad, then what happiness could I have?”
[Author’s Note: There only exists Wahidaat (or oneness) in the realm of Arsh-e-Ajeem (i.e. one hearted). Hence, our spirits can never be separated.

22:62 - Mahamat addresses to the mass of his followers,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 62

At first, the master (Allah) showed you this play of falseness. Then he showed to you the deen (religion) of Muhammad. Then, by revealing the meanings of Qalma, he made you bring faith.”
[Author’s Note: ... And that is how the Mommins had brought faith (or say bring faith) in his religion. And that is their tradition! ... Always keep that in mind - always!

22:63 - Mahamat says,
Sanandh by Mahamati Prannath Chapter 22 Verse 63

“I have said to you some little explicit meanings revealed in the Quran. Now, I’m revealing to you some more mysteries (of the Quran) for each and every spirits of homeArsh.”
[Author’s Note: Please refer to previous chapters.
This verse ends this chapter 22 and sets up a new starting point for the next upcoming chapter 23.


The Sun and the Moon are joined!

The following are the three Muhammad(s) of Allah:
1. Rasul Muhammad (Alif)

2. Isa Ruh Allah (Lam)
3. Imam Muhammad Mahdi (Mim)

So, where are those three Muhammad(s) mentioned in the noble Quran? ...... This might be the question that many of you should be pondering upon right after reading the introductory post on Alif Lam Mim. Well, no more suspense now. The moment of disclosure has finally arrived.
The three Muhammad(s) of Allah has been mentioned in the Quran in two layers. They are: 
I) the outer layer and
II) the inner layer

Up until the arrival of the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath, people had only seen the outer layer (or the skin) of the Quran. In the outer layer, only Rasul Muhammad could be explicitly felt in the noble Quran. However, it is only the inner layer (the nucleus) at where the two other Muhammad(s) of Allah is felt. Hence when you combine the inner layer and outer layer of the Quran, you get three Muhammad(s) from the Quran!

In this article, I’ve only presented and explained to you a one specific aayat from the Quran that has to be specifically judged from the inner layer of the Quran in order to see the hidden Muhammad(s) in the Quran. In that aayat, you’ll find the two hidden Muhammad(s) of Allah - Isa and Mahdi. So without any delay, let me take you to the verse 75:9 of the Quran:

Quran 75:9 – And the Sun and the Moon are joined

Okay, in this verse, a sign of the hour of Qiyamat is mentioned, which would be the time when the Sun and the Moon would join with each other. Now if this statement is visualized from the outer layer, then most of you are going to be confused or some of you are probably going to make a comic about the scientific inaccuracies of the Quran. However, this is not so. The Sun (of surface temperature of 5778 K) and the Moon (of orbital period of 27 days) are never going to join with each other because the Sun and Moon have already joined 355 years ago in India!

Whoa, wait!
I must be insane, right?
Definitely I would have been totally insane if I would have meant to you that the two heavenly bodies (the Sun and the Moon) have joined 355 years ago. However, the truth is entirely different and totally unseen and only the very few are acquainted with this fact.

In Quran 75:9, the Sun refers to Meher Raj Thakur (Imam Mahdi) whereas the Moon refers to Devchandra Mehta (Isa Ruh Allah)!
Around 355 years ago in the holy land of India, a supernatural event had occurred in the life of Meher Raj Thakur (Imam Mahdi) when he was forty years old. It was the Indian year (Vikram Samvat) of 1715 (equivalent to 1658 AD) that the spirit of Devchandra Mehta had entered inside the physical body of Meher Raj Thakur three years right after the death of Devchandra Mehta!
(Note that 1658 AD + 355 = 2013 AD, the year that this article is being posted)

According to Prophet Muhammad, Isa Ruh Allah was supposed to wear two garments. Therefore, the first garment of Isa Ruh Allah was the physical body of Devchandra Mehta himself. However, upon leaving his first garment, Isa Ruh Allah had to wear his second and final garment by entering into the physical body of Meher Raj Thakur! And this is how the Sun (Mahdi) and the Moon (Isa) would join together!
The two celestial bodies of the universe (the Sun and the Moon) are hence never going to join together! Remember that the Quran is the book of signs, not a book of advanced physics or astronomy, okay?

At this point of time, some of you might be thinking like – hey? ... How can Meher Raj Thakur be referred to as the Sun? ... And how can Devchandra Mehta be referred to as the Moon?
Well again! If that’s the case then I definitely have to say to you that that’s an excellent question and I’ve still got many things to say yet. Therefore, go through the following table attentively:





Order of arrival




Full Name
Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim (Internet)

Devchandra Mehta

Meher Raj Thakur


Rasul of Allah

Isa Ruh Allah

Imam Mahdi

First Name (English)

(see the full name)


Meher (also Mihir)

First Name (Hindi)

(see the full name)



Meaning of the first name in Hindi language

--- Nil ---



Indian Dynasty

--- Nil ---

Chandravanshi (चंद्रवंशी) or the Lunar Dynasty

Suryavanshi (सूर्यवंशी) or the Solar Dynasty

Number of Garments (i.e. physical bodies)

ONE (though the spirit of Rasul entered into Meher Raj Thakur later during the final hour, he had only one body during his arrival at the Arabs)

TWO (one of himself and one of Meher Raj Thakur)

                   Fig: Sun and Moon chart of (Alif) Lam Mim

The spirit of Rasul later merged with the joint forces of the Moon (Lam) and the Sun (Mim) twenty years later to jointly be the ultimate super force of Alif Lam Mim.

Hey, wait! One last thing though ... Some of you might still be thinking – How can the Moon and Sun be the Muhammad(s) of Allah? ... Right?
Well, that’s an excellent question again.
You see - the Sun and the Moon are not just an ordinary objects okay? ... Just think it - even the heavenly bodies (the Sun and the Moon) give enormous amount of light respectively during the day and the night, then how could not Muhammad(s) of Allah?
In a deeper sense, the real Sun and real Moon of the Quran emit enormous Noor (or the divine light) of Allah during the final hour. That is exactly why they are only known as the Muhammad(s) of Allah.
Always remember that the Quran defines Muhammad as the Noor of Allah, okay? However, if you’re not able to see the illumination of Noor of all three Muhammad(s) of Allah, then that does not make me any guilty, okay? So don’t blame it on me if that’s the case!

Note that all three Muhammad(s) are the three Noor(s) of Allah:
Rasul Muhammad (the first Noor) arrived at the Arab first.
Isa Ruh Allah (the Noor of the Moon) arrived in India marking the beginning of Lail-tul-Qadr. (also see 20:50 for more)
Likewise, Imam Mahdi (the Noor of the Sun) arrived in the end to complete the sequence of the arrival of all the Muhammad(s) of Allah.

That’s it readers.
I hope I have cleared my points to you. Feel free to respond if you’ve got any questions or anything regarding this article.  

“In the table chart, I have also mentioned about the Lunar and the Solar dynasty. This is because the unification of Sun and Moon (very much like the Quran) has also been prophesied in the Hinduic scripts!” - Author Prayatna