Sanandh Chapter 19.8

Sanandh Verse 19_36 
 That time they(disbelievers) will become powerless infront of Allah. However, Maula is Rehman(i.e. merciful). He shall then give faith to even the unbelievers and they will eternally reside in "heaven of the lowest grade".
(Author’s Note: “That time” means the time when the disbelievers shall burn in the hellfire. After the hellfire process, the disbelievers shall have faith in Allah and Allah(the merciful) shall give them bliss by keeping them in the heaven which is of the lowest grade.
“Heaven of the lowest grade” shall be explained in details in my further upcoming posts.)

19:37 (Mahamati says) - 
Sanandh Verse 19_37

Rasul also previously stated that - "Even if somebody's ear hears a bit of "Qalma" and keeps faith in it, they shall have their faces and heads uplifted sky high during the ressurection day."
(Author’s Note: Here, Mahamati is reminding us of what the messenger of Allah had previously stated.)

19:38 (Mahamati says)- 
Sanandh Verse 19_38

Those words that I(Mahamati) had said above are evident. And the proof of it are the hearts of Mummins. The words of Rasul, not even one of them, are untrue!

19:39 (Mahamati says) -  
Sanandh Verse 19_39

Allah created this play(world) so that Mummins would watch the material play of the world. Now why will Mummins forget their path after getting the Haqqiqat(truth) of Koran?(rhetorical)
(Author’s Note: The message of Allah to the Mummins in this verse is - to never forget their Allah in the worldly illusions such as families, friends, money and every other forms of worldly pleasures.)

19:40 (Mahamati says) - 
Sanandh Verse 19_40

That Allah and Arsh-ajeem(throne of God) which is unseen and unreacheable to all, is clearly visible in the eyes of Rasul. That is why Rasul died by ordering the muslims to have faith in "Qalma".
(Author’s Note: Remember that Rasul saw Allah and the heaven of God at the night of ascent(Shab-e-miraj). And one other thing to be kept in mind is that, it was only prophet Muhammed who was summoned by Allah himself for ascension. None of the prophets in Islam ever experienced “the ascension” as did by Rasul Muhammed himself.)

This highlights the importance of "Qalma" in Islam.


Sanandh Chapter 19.7

19:31 (Mahamati says) -
Sanandh Verse 19_31

Those who took these words of Rasul and followed Rasul’s footsteps, Allah will not be far from them. It will be all because of the truthfulness of "Qalma".
(Author’s Note: Remember that Allah is nearer than juglar viens if you have faith in Allah. So, have faith in Qalma and have faith in Islam.)

19:32 (Mahamati says) – 
Sanandh Verse 19_32

Rasul further said about Qalma that - “those who take faith in this Qalma with their hearts as their witnesses, I(the messenger of Allah) shall be their witness at the Day of Judgment."
(Author’s Note: Therefore, if we have faith in Qalma, then the messenger of Allah will stand as our witness at the ressurection day. However, those who have no faith in Qalma, the messenger of Allah will not be witness for them.)

19:33 (Mahamati says)- (Rasul further said that) -
Sanandh Verse 19_33

 “Those Mummins(true believers) who believe and understand this Qalma, master(Allah) shall provide them bliss of the hereafter.”
(Author’s Note: The meaning is that, those who believes in Mahamati’s words (or Tartam), Allah shall give them eternal bliss. Remember that without Tartam, Islam is never understandable.)

Sanandh Verse 19_34

What to say about this "Qalma" whose perfect knowledge is with the Mummins. When this "Qalma" flourishes then everybody's soul will be purified.
(Author’s Note: Note that the knowledge given by Mahamati Prannath is only within the Mummins now. The point that Mahamati is trying to make in this verse is that – “when the knowledge of Tartam flourishes, then Tartam shall purify minds and hearts of every people in this world.”)

19:35 Rasul previously stated that - 
 Sanandh Verse 19_35
"Those people of the world who will not take "Qalma" either from the outside or from the inside, will be the ones to burn in the hellfire at the end of times.”
(Author’s Note: The point here Mahamati is trying to make is that – “those who deny “Tartam”, they shall burn in the hellfire at the resurrection day.” It means if you fear hellfire then believe that Mahamati Prannath is Imam Mahdi! And that is the very theme of Qalma.)