God intentionally constructed Dajjal !

Welcome all the humble readers of my blog. This is the ninth and the final article of this series – Dajjal under Radar.  So please, do completely read all of my posts chronologically, starting right from the introductory post.

So having said that - let me do the honor of scanning Dajjal under the Radar of Mahamati Prannath’s wisdom for the final occasion –

Scanning… Finally, Imam Mahdi shall gather militia of believers to battle against Dajjal. Isa Ruh Allah shall descend and jointly with Imam Mahdi, he shall slay Dajjal for forever.

The necessary evil-
The final Imam has already gathered the militia of believers three centuries earlier during the stern Mughal reign in India. These believers carry (or say carried) the arms of wisdom given by Mahamati Prannath and nothing more than that with them. As I have already mentioned it earlier, and I am elaborating it a little further –
The war between Dajjal and Isa Ruh Allah is not a real war. Similarly, the war between Dajjal and Imam Mahdi is not a real war. Likewise, the war between Dajjal and the believers too – isn’t a real war.
Moreover, this is an invisible war, where the God (of Jeremiah), purposefully orchestrated the examination of Isa Ruh Allah, Imam Mahdi and his believer’s faith as well by knowingly constructing Dajjal as an antagonist. That is one of the chief reasons why God had to disgrace angel Azazeel at first and then turn him into Iblis!

God – the merciful, is clever too!
For a moment, just think this –
If God is God then –
Why? … Why only one of his creations disobeyed his command while the others were fully obeying all of his commands? (Like … prostrate to Adam)
In reality, angel Azazeel wanted to prostrate to Adam (not that he had already recognized who Adam was, but by merely accepting that as the God’s order) … But our dear God had other hidden agendas.  Our dear God, the merciful, is so clever … I mean, so perfectly clever that – from the inside:
God had always wanted angel Azazeel to not prostrate to Adam although he was commanding Azazeel to do so (from the outside)! Moreover, the angel knew that from the inside too!
Therefore, angel Azazeel had totally obeyed God’s command by not prostrating to Adam. All Azazeel was doing was obeying God’s inner will. But … our God is so clever that he made it appear as if the angel was deliberately disobeying God’s command. God disgraced angel Azazeel on purpose in order to construct a Satan. 

And believe that! … You know, actually … I, kind of feel - some pity for Azazeel angel whenever this topic arrives. Nevertheless, Satan is Satan no matter what!

To sum it up, the God knowingly constructed Satan in order to test all of the three forces (i.e. Alif, Lam and Mim) and make them (Alif Lam Mim) precious. Thus, God demonstrated his real power by first constructing Satan and then by adding a precious meaning or giving much precious value to Alif Lam Mim !

Isa or Mahdi?
Now, let me move onto another important topic of discussion. To begin with, let me ask you a simple question – Who exactly do you believe is supposed to exterminate Dajjal?
Do you believe that Isa is exterminating Dajjal?
Do you believe that it is going to be Imam Mahdi who is exterminating Dajjal?

(… Drum rolls, please …)

And here’s the result –
Those of you who had said that – Isa Ruh Allah is exterminating Dajjal, you are right at the first place … But wait! Hey? … Those of you who had said Imam Mahdi, you are absolutely correct too!

Put aside for a moment what the Sunnis say about Dajjal … and also put aside for a moment what the Shias say about Dajjal … Just forget what the ABCs or the XYZs say about Dajjal … The unrealized fact is that Isa Ruh Allah and Imam Mahdi are never two. Along with Prophet Muhammad, they two have already integrated to become the ultimate super power – Alif Lam Mim!

So, in another words, it can be said that – it is Alif Lam Mim who exterminates Dajjal (or say – has already exterminated Dajjal).
And again you might question –
Has Dajjal been exterminated? Is Dajjal dead? If yes, how?
The answer to the question whether Dajjal has been exterminated is both yes and no and in fact very complex at the same time. But as I have already stated it earlier and I’m quoting it for the final time in this series –
"That Jimmy’s already dead. The world just doesn’t know it yet !"

One Islamic kingdom of God-
During his lifetime, Mahamati Prannath had already assembled the mass of thousands of his believers (also known as the chosen ones). Together, they’ve all given the examination of their faith that was conducted by God in their lives. In addition to that, Mahamati Prannath has already established the one Islamic kingdom in this world (and the whole world is yet to realize that!). Three centuries earlier, Mahamati Prannath has already sketched the New World Order of one common religion i.e. the religion of Nijanand Sampradaya (or the revived Islam).

A personal thought -
Personally, I hardly doubt that –
The spiritual leaders of present India wouldn’t stick their fingers into their ears - in case they are told to hear or comment upon the truthfulness of the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath (in that case, thanks to Senor Dajjal!)

Wrapping it up –
The things that I had said about Dajjal in this series don’t perfectly acquaint you with the complete nature of Dajjal. However, I had tried to unmask Dajjal as far as I could for the time being. But I shall talk more about Dajjal as the chapters of Sanandh progress further. The 31st chapter of Sanandh is entitled Dajjal. I shall talk more about Dajjal when I reach there (seems like - it would take quite a long time to reach Chapter 31 at my current article posting rate … never mind though).

Remember at the introductory post of this series when I said that – Dajjal is well shielded somewhere safe? … Remember? … And by now, you should have already figured out that "well shielded" Dajjal’s hiding spot, or haven’t you? … Therefore, a final question from me to you – Is your heart still shielding Dajjal from the radioactive rays of Mahamati Prannath's wisdom?

360 degrees scanning completed … Scanning of Dajjal under the Radar of Mahamati Prannath’s wisdom has now completed …

Although, the scanning of Dajjal seems to have been completed for the moment, Dajjal is yet to be tracked again  … and Dajjal is yet to be scanned again … and Dajjal is yet to be unmasked once again… and Dajjal is yet to be dispatched from our brains again … and again, I assure you that - victory is inevitable! 

I shall be back again at the first of the August with an unprecedented, fine new post on the 22nd chapter of Sanandh. Till then, keep sharing your thoughts.

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