If only you'd have identified Dajjal !

This is the seventh post on the series – Dajjal under Radar. Hello and welcome again to all the readers. This is the author of this blog speaking and in this post, I will be talking about Dajjal’s true power in not letting people identifying Imam Mahdi.

Having said that, lets scan …

Scanning … The word Kafir (disbeliever) will be seen stamped in his forehead.

Dajjal never lets humans recognize Mahamati Prannath –
Dajjal is believed to approach the Muslims during Nimaaz or the Friday prayers. So, our Muslims brothers stay extremely alert during the prayers and they look to their right and they look to their left. And they even shorten space between the other Muslim brothers so that Dajjal will have no place to sit whenever it shows up.
They even become fully ready to attack Dajjal and slay it whenever it shows up. However, during their scanning of Dajjal in the Masjid, they always forget to glance cautiously at one spot where that despicable creature is always hidden. Guess what? … They do forget to look inside of their own hearts and minds which otherwise they would have recognized Mahamati Prannath!

Eyes of Imam Mahdi-
A question now for you to think –
Where do humans lock their eyes every moment?
The answer to that is crystal clear – this world and its material objects only.

Our majestic Lord - Imam Mahdi, however, had his spiritual eye locked upon the springs and gardens of Arsh of Allah but not upon this worthless world and its material objects!

Therefore, it suggests that - unlike Dajjal, he (Mahamati Prannath) is two-eyed!

Hard to recognize Mahdi?
At the present time, only the final Imam and his followers know Islam in its true sense. They know Islam exceptionally well while the others only apply their brainpower to explain it. Just think about this –
If in reality, Dajjal were a real being seen riding on that strange donkey, then why was there any need for Prophet Mohammad to give an alarm that it would be very difficult to differentiate between the real Mahdi and Dajjal? Did the prophet actually meant to imply that the real Mahdi would look like Dajjal? ... I mean, can’t you distinguish an individual (Imam Mahdi) from another individual riding some strange donkey (Dajjal)?
Why had the Rasul of Allah warned that the people will not recognize Mahdi?

(You see? … This is the kind of excellent demonstration of Dajjal’s power that I had been talking about in this entire series!
Dajjal never lets you identify Imam Mahdi.
Dajjal never lets you acknowledge Mahamati Prannath as the promised Imam. So, how exactly do you think that you will ever discover Imam Mahdi?)

Finally, I’d like to raise you some rhetorical questions -
Have you still acknowledged Dajjal? Haven’t you spotted the word Kafir (disbeliever) stamped in his temple yet? Or are you still waiting for him in this outer world?

270 degreees Scanning completed ... 

May God bless you.

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