Humans personified as one eyed Dajjal !

This is the 40th post of my blog and an ongoing war between knowledge (wisdom of Mahamati Prannath) and ignorance (Dajjal).
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This is the second post of the series – Dajjal under Radar.  So, I recommend you to read the introductory chapter before continuing with this post.
So, having said that, let’s start with the first point that I made in the introductory chapter, shall we? … So, let the scanning of Dajjal begin … 

Beginning scanning… Prophet Mohammed prophesied Dajjal as a being that shows up as the final hour approaches. Dajjal or the false Messiah will have its right eyes damaged and only left eye working.

As I have already stated it earlier that 990 Hijri years marks the starting of Lail-tul-Qadr (see Sanandh 20:50). Lail-tul-Qadr also marks the birth of Devchandra Mehta (or Isa Ruh Allah). Dajjal descended in the form of ignorance in this Earth obstructing every good moves of Devchandra Mehta in his process of discovering the perfect wisdom. And that’s how Dajjal declared its presence. The war between Dajjal and Isa Ruh Allah had started right from the commencement of Lail-tul-Qadr!

One eyed Dajjal –
Dajjal is said to have the right eye damaged and the left eye full working. Here, right eye gestures towards the spiritual eye (or Noori eye). Knowledge acquired by the right eye pertains to divinity. The left eye, on the other hand, points towards the worldly eyes of humans that have the capacity of perceiving only the outer world. Knowledge acquired through the left eye (or Naari eye) only pertains to darkness.
Therefore, Prophet Mohammed personified human without the inner sight (or the spiritual sight) as one eyed Dajjal. In fact, humans are Dajjal because they lack spiritual eye. Prophet Mohammed previously gave a metaphorical gesture of Dajjal and people only perceived the outer statements instead of viewing the hidden meanings that were originally being intended by the Prophet of Allah himself!
Among the 14 books of revelations of Mahamati Prannath, मारफत सागर (transliterated as Marfat Sagar, meaning – the ocean of God’s identity), is one of the books of revelations that reveals the hidden meanings of the noble Quran and Hadiths. (also see Sanandh 21:52)
Around 321 years earlier in the holy book of revelations of Marfat Sagar, Mahamati Prannath talks about Dajjal in the 9th chapter. And in the verses 1 to 5, Mahamati Prannath introduces Dajjal. 

In the book of Marfat Sagar, in Verse 9:1, Mahamati Prannath says -

Marfat Sagar by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 9 Verse 1

“It has been previously said that Dajjal, who will be one eyed, will be seen riding over a donkey. The outer eyes can never see Allah and not even a bit does it possess the inner sight, the nice spiritual sight.”

In the same book of Marfat Sagar, in Verse 9:2, Mahamati Prannath continues –

Marfat Sagar by Mahamati Prannath - Chapter 9 Verse 2

Azazeel viewed Adam’s outer body and had disobeyed to pay obeisance to him and Azazeel angel, who had previously closed its inner eyes, became one eyed.”
(See Quran 7:11, 7:12, … for more)

Today, humans have totally locked their eyes upon materialism and they have totally moved far far away from the zone of spirituality. Moreover, humans have become more egotistic in their nature. That has caused their inner eyes to involuntarily shut while only physical eyes operating. Therefore, humans who have their spiritual eyes damaged, they became absolutely unable in recognizing their Imam Mahdi (or in this case – Mahamati Prannath). And that is the same message given by Marfat Sagar 9:2 and as well as the story of Adam and Iblis in the Quran.

And remember that Azazeel angel is the angel who later became Satan, the Iblis. And Iblis is the same Satan or Dajjal whom I’m striking here right now via the words of the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath.

False Messiah-
Finally, at this present age, there are certain peoples who claim to be Messiah. These are also known as the false prophets. But none of these people possess the perfect knowledge of God. I don’t want to talk about them right now but I can certainly say for sure that none of those people who claim to be Messiah are in fact Alif Lam Mim. Alif Lam Mim is the only true Messiah of God, the God of Moses!
So, recognize Alif Lam Mim and beware of the false Messiahs.

45 degrees scanning completed …

See you tomorrow again at 0215 GMT for the next episode of this series – Dajjal under Radar. Till then, have a nice day.

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  1. Can you narrate me the original story and the metaphorical derivation of Adam and Eve..?
    And what God truly wants to say by Adam and Eve story.
    I want to know each and every aspect of this thing.
    Plz acquaint me with this.

    1. And also what Mahamati has said about Adam and Eve, or really trying to say through this story in Bible and Qu'ran ?


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